Heartstopper by Alice Oseman Lands Adaptation on Netflix!

Not long ago was i sharing the news about Half Bad being adapted by Netflix for a series when we get these exciting news ! Heartstopper by the wonderful author Alice Oseman lands an adaptation on Netflix too!!

The story of Heartstopper is prior the incidents that ocurred in the main book – Solitaire – and tells the love story of secondary characters Nick & Charlie, which means, ore representation on a series! (there should be representation also in Half Bad but we’ll see if they get to that point).

We don’t know much about the project yet but it was already confirmed by Oseman on her twitter account;

The series will be directed by Euros Lyn known for directing episodes of Doctor Who, Black Mirror and even an episode of His Dark Materials.

Some articles about the topic are already put you can check them out here:



Just Jared Jr

From here i just wanna share the news because i’m extremely excited and happy for this opportunity to watch such a wonderful story on our TVs! I’ll be sharing news as they come if possible, the same way i’ll do with Hald Bad and also…another tv shows adaptations that apparently are coming our way!!!! I’ll talk more about them as they publish information about the topic!

Congratulations to Alice and we wish the best to the show!

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