Reading the Classics; Update #1 What the hell makes a Classic?

So, this year as a few years ago (back in 2016) i decided this year i’ll be reading a few classics, for measure, you know.. those lists of the “100 books you must read before you die”. Are those really classics or are they ust so good you “must” read them? I have no idea.

But i wanted to change up a little from my regular reading habits so i added some classics to the mix.

The problem began when i wasn’t sure WHAT MAKES A CLASSIC.

Does it have to be a book from centuries ago?

A contemporary wonder?

A boring book written years and years ago?

I had no idea.

So i looked up some of those lists of the books you need to read before you die and i was like, what if i finish reading them and i immediately die just because i finish those 100? I will never finish those lists.. just in case. I have a nice story time about a book like that i’ll tell you sometime.

Anyway, so i was still looking up for classics to read when i came up with the idea of like, looking up on google what makes a classic.

Italo Calvino’s 14 Criteria for What Makes a Classic

This was the first post theat make its way to my computer and i started checking it out.

And it had two very important points for me:

The Classics are those books which constitute a treasured experience for those who have read and loved them; but they remain just as rich an experience for those who reserve the chance to read them for when they are in the best condition to enjoy them.


A classic is a book which has never exhausted all it has to say to its readers.

And so it helped me to make a list of “classics” i’d want to read this year… some are childhood books i never read and some are more mature books.

I would present to you the list of books but it’s a long one (more than 12 books because i’m not sure whih one are the ones i’ll end up reading).

For January i picked up Slaugther House Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I started reading it a few days ago and it reminds me of Catch 22 a bit, so i’m fairly enjoying it. I hope to be able to finish it and enjoy it till the end.

So, i think that’s it, that’s the first update on my reading classic goal for the year, the first “Classic” for the yer being a mature one about war.

I would totally appreciate if you had some recommendations for me, i’m looking for interesting books to read this year and if you could recommend some you enjoyed and such would be great for me!

Are you a classics’s reader? Which one is your favorite? Leave your comment down below!!

Happy Readings!

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