Budgeting | 2021

I’ve been known for spending money al over for books. Yes, i know. I need to change my way of buying books but sometimes i just can’t stop myself. So this year, along with all the plans i’m making i’m making a budget for books because otherwise i’m lost.

As i commented on a previous post [HERE] i have a TBR of 112 books, even though my book reading challenge is of 60 books this year, I’ll read as much as i can. Most of the books on my 2021 TBR are already owned books only the ones being released this year i don’t own yet.

This is a huge difference from other years when i just got to a book and got to buy it because i needed to. This year i’ll be cathing up as much as it can.

So how will i manage to get the books i want that are being released this year? I have a few ideas.

First of all i requested a few i found both in Netgalley and Edelweiss+, I may get lucky and get free arcs of the books which would be awesome.

Second i upgraded my subscription to audible (from 1 credit to 2 credits a month), both because my job is boring without hearing something so i can hear audiobooks and because that way i can finish them quicker. I have a few credits on my hand already and a few preorders of the new books coming out.

As for the rest of the books i’ll be missing i just… i hope they won’t be many. I’ll allow myself to buy two books per month as long as i read them.

Also, one of my goal this year is to read more manga, so that i’m adding it to my budget. I already own many of the volumes of FullMetal Alchemist, so i’ll be buying to volumes i’m missing and i’ll start reading it. If i find any others on sale i’ll buy them too.

Third, and final, i’m starting to prepare myself so i can start studying on October, so videogames, cable, crunchyroll and such are getting cancelled for the time being. Lucky me Netflix is paid by my sister otherwise i’d be completely lost. I won’t be selling my nintendo switch but i won’t be buying any more games for a while.

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