January 4th.

On this very day six years ago this little kid (at heart) was making her first post on this blog.

I don’t remember much about it, and looking on my old post i clearly had nothing to talk about. I just wanted a place to call mine. And so i opened this little blog, without any expectations.

For some reason i decided the url would be booksxorxmisery. When decided this, i was just recycling the name of a song from Fall Out Boy i liked, The Music or The Misery so now you know the meaning behind the name of the url itself…

the main idea was to review books, series and stuff [- from my very first post].

I didn’t remember this was the idea i had at the beginning, i thought i was just doing this to have a place to rant about life, but looking back at my very old posts, i was here for the reason i still am.

It’s weird to see my old posts, i don’t remember writing them but you can clearly see i was miserable at my job, and my only happiness were books. Which gives a lot of meaning to the url of the blog itself. Wow, i may be a freaking genius without even realizing it.

I don’t recommend going back in time on my blog, it’s full of sad thoughts and difficult times. But i won’t put them on private, because that’s who i was at the moment, and i want it to be rememebered… mostly by me.

To be honest there’s only one post I put on private since i started this blog, one about a very controversial book in which i recieved a very bad comment so i decided it was not worth it.

It’s weird, although my blog was about reviews, i didn’t start them until June that year. The first book i reviewed was a forever favorite; All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Which makes a lot of sense since i loved the book so much, it meant and means so much to me.

But before that, i complained about people making remarks about my accent, being depressed, hating my job, Digimon and other stuff that i cannot believe i was willing to talk about. Like, what was i thinking when i posted all that? Who would care? I guess, just me. I’m the one going back these days and looking at what i used to write… things, strange things about how i wanted to stop going to work and the things i imagined while i was there.

I don’t understand myself.

Life on the internet is weird, most of us will be here without leaving a real print. I mean, i am leaving my print because i’m publishing all this stuff but nobody cares. I know i’m talking to myself. And now i’ve been doing it for six years! So congratulations, Clemence! You made it!

Now, talking seriusly… i love this blog, and i now i come and go a lot, but i’m hoping i’ll be able to stay for a very long time and not go away anymore.

I guess, over all this nonsense what i’m trying to say is HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Dreamed Worlds, You have been a dream come true, i enjoy your company and working with you, on you, for you.

5 thoughts on “January 4th.

  1. Happy blogiversary, Clemence. I do love that about our blogs. That we can look back and sort of trace our journeys through the years even though not all might be good memories. Cheers to many more blogging years.

    Have a wonderful new year.

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