Eve of Extinction by Salvatore A. Simeone, Steve Simeone, Nik Virella, Isaac Goodheart and Ruth Redmond.

Eve of Extinction

EVE OF EXTINCTION by Salvatore A. SimeoneSteve SimeoneNik Virella (Artist), Isaac Goodheart (Artist), Ruth Redmond (Colorist)

Genre: Comics, Horror
Pages: 120
Publisher: TKO Studios
Rating: 3.38 stars

Summary: The rain brought something. Something that changed the men into something inhuman. To rescue their stranded daughter, two mothers must survive the hurricane and the horrors it unleashed. But can they work together long enough to save their daughter in a world where all men have become monsters?



On a normal evening starts raining but that rain isn’t as any other rain before. As it falls it touches every man and makes them monsters raging for blood. Two mothers (an adoptive one and the biological one) are set to get their daughter and save her from the monsters.

I had no idea what i was getting myself into when i asked this book for a review and i still have no idea what the heck was going on.

As men, all men appear to be affected by a toxic in the rain, women are fighting for their lives to get away from them or at least kill them.

The story doesn’t develop much, i think in 120 pages it doesn’t have much time to do so.

The story as it is seems interesting, why this happened? what exactly happened? why does it only affect men? I wish for another issue or more of the story to have a complete view of the while story.

I think, as a starter of a series it is pretty awesome. The art is neat, and enjoyable. There are some gruesome moments, the monsters are horrible and the story looks like it has a lot to tell.

If the story it’s just this one book, i’m not happy because they sort of explain things but like only sort of. If this is just the beginning, it is great.

Would i recommend it? Only if i heard the story is only in its beginning. If this is it… i don’t think it’s worth the time.

I give it 3.5 stars, to be kind.

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