Books I DNF | 2020 edition

I started reading this book, but i wasn’t feeling it, so i looked up some reviews to give me some energy to keep going. As i was looking through the reviews i became aware of the fact that the author was problematic and the book apparently wasn’t worth the reading, i got some spoilers and it made me want to read it even less, so i decided to dfning it, at least for now… if at some point i forget the spoilers i might try it again… or not.

I was looking forward to reading this book but it got really boring pretty quickly… I was not expecting the way it is narrated… I might pick it up again in the future, most likely when i’m not living all by myself because i understand this book is really scary and living alone i get a idkw feeling and i don’t wanna be that scared living alone.

The Whisper Man

This book reads as an Harlan Coben book without being one and that is something. I used to enjoy this kind of books but since i started reading YA books i’m not enoying this kind of books as much as i used to. So i had to put it aside after reading about 10% of the book. I read somewhere someone recommended reading at least 20% of the book before DFNing it, but i just could go through and it was holding me back from reading a bunch of other books… sorry bro, maybe in the next life.

Wayward Son (Simon Snow, #2)

I was liking this book, i just didn’t have enough time to finish it before December came around and i wanted to read some christmasy books for the season, so i had to put it aside. But i will be coming back to it asap, since there’s the third installment coming up next year and i love Rainbow Rowell books, so yeah, this isn’t a DNF but a DNF YET.

Instant Karma

Another book i’m planning on finishing but i didn’t have enough time for it this 2020. I was totally enjoying it, it’s just… December came too fast for me to finish some books. I will pick it up next year ASAP!

Ready Player Two (Ready Player One, #2)

Last but not least… this book came to my attention too late in the year and i wasn’t ready for it. I started it but i wasn’t feeling it much which was a bt disappointing. I’ll be giving it a second chance next year because i used to love the characters, i just need to get into the story a little more.

Wow, actually there aren’t many books i DNF this year! Awesome!! And even more so, half of them i’m completely planning on finishing next year, which makes me feel even better with my reading self.

Did you finish all the books you started this year? How many did you DNF? Leave your comment down below!

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