Goodreads Choice Awards.

In case you don’t know about, Goodreads is a website where you can find everyhting related to books, from new releases, to make your lists of books, to enjoy reading clubs and random games. The beauty of the site is amazing and i adore visting it every single day, the same way people stalk instagram, tik tok or twitter, i check on goodreads.

As much as i love Goodreads, and i love it a lot, this is part of the year i dislike the most. This is the part of the year where you can choose your favorite books of the year and obviously you get a winner for every single category.

As much as i love voting, most of the times i never read the books in the categories that may interest me; middle grade, graphic novels, ya, ya fantasy…

But that’s not even my problem.

My problem is the fact that the voting starts in November (if i remember right) and by the time the voting begins not every book of the year is out yet.

You may say “And…? Who cares? What’s the matter?”

The matter is that some books coming ut by the end of the year can be completely AWESOME. Like, for instance, i was thinking about how Ready Player Two wasn’t even out when the voting started and what if that was actually the scifi book of the year?

It makes no sense to me that the voting will start before every book is out. It should be like the Oscars which are the next year.

Like, what if Joker couldn’t run for the Oscar because it came ut late in the year?

It makes no sense to me.

Not. At. All.

I know many people may not come in touch with the latest books of the year but they do deserve the oportunity to run for it. Like, okay, the odds are low, but a lot of people read the book as soon as they come out.

It just seems so unfair to me.

Maybe i’m dramatizing this a lot, but i think every writer deserves an opportunity.

It’s not like even finished Ready Player Two, but you know, for good times’ sake.

As for the books which ran and lost or won … well, first of all, i’m not surprised by many of the wins. Like most of the time the same old writers win every year.

But i have to admit i added some of the runners and winners to my TBR, so here it goes:

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas

Winner of the Fantasy category, i’ve been trying to get my hands on this book since it came out but bookstores are closed… i hope i get it by next year.

Other books from the Fantasy category i want to read; The Burning God will have to wait until i even start the trilogy but well.. i plan to read it!

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

Winner of the Science Fiction category, i’m very curious about what did Christopher Paolini has to offer since i really liked Eragon.

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Winner of the Graphic Novel/Comics category, i loved the first two volumes, i just couldn’t buy this one yet but i’m really looking forward!

other contenders i want to read from this category:

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

Winner of the Young Adult category, is on my tbr for next year and the author is amazing as far as i read from her books so i’m really looking forward to enjoy this one!

Other books in the YA category i want to read:

books from the YA fantasy category i want to read:

The Tower of Nero by Rick Riordan

Winner of the Middle Grade category, and one of the ones i want to read the most but i have to catch up with the whole series… as i understand this is the goodbye to the Greek and Romans gods and Percy Jackson, so it is a must for me.

Did the ones you voted for win? Which books did you loved the most this year? Leave your comment down below!

Happy readings!

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