7 Reasons Why Books Are A Great Gift.

Christmas is getting closer and we all are buying our loved ones presents. Most years i’d go with what they want, ask me for, or i see they are in need but this year i decided i’ll be doing it my way. This year everyone is getting what i would want as gifts. This year everyone is getting a book.

You may think, “But Cleo, not all people like books”. Well, dear friends i came up with a list of reasons why a book is a great gift even if they asked for something else.

Obviously you should do as you want, i’m not forcing anyone to do so, but i think it’s a little cute kind of gift… so, let me share with you the reasons why giving a book as a gift is a great idea.

  1. You are sharing a part of yourself. When you give somebody a book you love you are giving them a part of yourself. It means you want to be able to share with them yout thoughts about it and maybe more than just about the book. You are giving them an in into your heart.
  2. A Book can teach them something. Giving the right book to the right person can bring to teaching them something you believe could help them, every book has something to teach and you can use it as an advantage to open a line of communication and teaching to someone.
  3. A Book can express how you feel about them. If you find it difficult to express how you feel about a special someone a book can be the perfect way to showing them.
  4. A Book can open a conversation you are afraid to start. In the case you are feeling like you cannot find the right words to talk to someone, giving them a book about the topic could be a great way of making them start the conversation and also, learning about it before they do so.
  5. Finding a Book a person might like is a way of showing you care. You aren’t just shopping for books, you are looking for the perfect book they might like, this shows how much you know them and care enough to look for the perfect fit for them.
  6. Readers love to get Books as gifts. Obviously, you are looking to give the person a gift they might like, so you can never go wrong giving a reader a new book to enjoy. We readers always enjoy receiving them, especially as gift because that means people are listening to what we want (no mom, i don’t care about clothes, i want books).
  7. You can open new options and interests to a person. Books don’t have to be fiction, you can give them guides, notebooks, cooking books, anything and everyhting. You could buy them a book about knitting if they seemed interesting in the past and who knows maybe next year you’ll get a scarf knitted by your sibling.

What are you buying this christmas for your loved ones? Share in the comments down below! Don’t worry we won’t tell them šŸ™‚

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