Reminiscing Monday: Horror movies from my childhood.

When you are little you are very impresionable, and i remember that because of many horror movies that i won’t watch to this day because of that.

I gotta admit in my house horror movies weren’t allowed until i was about 10. Which doesn’t mean my stepdad wouldn’t watch them when we (my sister and i) were sleeping.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night wanting to go to the bathroom and having to cross the livingroom where my stepdad was watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. The scene was the one where blood is coming out of the bed.

I remember this because it made a number on my 8 years old mind. And i remember being scared of the movie for a very long time.

There was another time when my stepdad was watching Cape of Fear but i can’t pinpoint the scene i watched, also my stepdad is telling me that’s not a horror movie.

Then, when i was 9 for some reason i was allowed to enter the theatre and watch The Sixth Sense with my 12 years old sister and her friends. I have to say that one gave me nghtmares for quite a while.

So I don’t understand why my mom let me watch The Blair Witch Project a few months later.

Man, i loved the movie and watched it and rewatched it so many times when i was little, i even own a book that tells the whole myth. It’s awesome, but yet again i got scared for a while and was a fraid to go outside at night until i was about 12.

As i grew up, for some reason i decided i was brave enough to face my fears and by 13 i started watching all the essentials, the exorcist, ju – on, the ring, rec, the eye, saw, etc.

It was a difficult time and i wasn’t as ready as i thought. I was scared most nights and i was a hard time to try sleeping, but hey… i’m still here, so it wasn’t that bad after all, right?

Over the years i’ve watched a lot of horror movies, i always try to overcome my fear for them, so i keep on trying and trying and sometimes i won’t sleep fora few days but most of the times i don’t even think about them before i go to sleep.

Overall i think i have managed my fear for horror movies, and that’s why i’m watching a few this month to comment on them… i’d watched some new one i never saw and a few that left a mark on me for a long time, i just wanted to know if i’m still so scared as i was before because of them.

As i’m writing this before finishing all the movies i hope i managed and everything is okay with me.

I hope i’m still sleeping every night.

I mean, i do enjoy watching them, don’t worry. The adrenaline i get from watching horror movies has made me do a lot of stupid stuff over the years, but hey… i really really enjoy being scared.

The scariest thing to happen to in the last few years? Well, i visited the Edinburgh cemetery at night and i felt something touched my knee. That was pretty awesome.

So yeah, fear won’t really stop me, not anymre at least.

How about you? Which movies scared you when you were little? Which gave you nightmares? What is the scariest thing to happen to you?

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