Reminiscing Monday: AHS.

After reading became difficult for me, i started enjoying a lot watching tv. Well, not tv per se, but Netflix and Crunchyroll, you get the idea.

There are two kinds of tv shows i enjoy the most; comedy and horror.

Comedy is so easy going, you don’t have to think about anything, but with horror, i wish i could stop thinking.

As i’m a very impresionable person, watching horror tv shows it’s a whole experience for me. I get really scared if they do it right.

One tv show that fails to give me nightmares, although i wish it did is American Horror Story.

American horror story seasons | American horror story seasons, American  horror story costumes, American horror

Sure, the show can make you feel at times a bit uncomfortable, but to this day it never gave me a true scare and i’ve been watching it since its very first episode. I got to admit i did not always finish the seasons, because i got bored. For example it took me three times to finally finish watching Murder House. I would just leave it unfinished when i hit episode 12. Yes, i got bored at the end … twice. I won’t complain though because Murder House, Coven and Apocalypse brought my favorite topic and character to the show; Michael Langdon.

Michael Langdon - Home | Facebook
Cody Fern as Michael Langdon in Apocaypse.

I don’t know what it is, maybe i grew accustumed of the plot twists by Ryan Murphy, but i gotta admit it hadn’t surprised me since season 3.

Sure, i still love the show, it’s one of those creepy tales tv shows you just can’t get your eyes off or maybe that’s the actors they bring to the show. I feel all of them are so magnetic i love them all so much, it’s just a joy to watch it.

I love the fact that they don’t cut with the blood and the ugliness, it just as it would be if it were to happen or at least as i think it would be. I mean, when my head goes to that kind of ugliness, it just looks like it does in AHS. It may be that they managed to get to my head, and thus i imagine stuff as they show, but well… i just really enjoy it.

Anyways, AHS is my aesthetic for horror.

The thing is, i didn’t always watched the show, there was a time when i was sort of mad at Ryan Murphy, i can’t even remember why and i know it’s stupid, but i couldn’t watch any of his tv shows. But let’s be real, i totally forgot why i was mad, and it sure was something silly so i put that away and started rewatching all the seasons and catching up with the ones i missed.

For what it’s worth, i think AHS may be of Ryan’s best works. I watched all the ones that came out since Glee, so i don’t know about before but as far as i understand the guy is a tv genius.

So, there’s that…

Do i recommend this show? Absolutely… surely not every season may be for you, and some may disturb you … or bore you but heck, it’s amazing.

If you haven’t watched it yet, i would recommend it if you want some shows instead of movies for this halloween.

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