i’m thinking of ending things: book vs. movie

This weekend was the official netflix release of the movie i’m thinking of ending things based on the book by Iain Reid. The book was released back in 2016. You can check the review i wrote for the book here.

As i heard this was being made into a movie i was pretty interested since i truly enjoyed the book (and got a bit obsessed over the title for a while).

But now, while watching the movie which is 2h14m long i have to admit i could not see the end of it.

For some reason, all the stuff that checked right while reading the book felt dull on the screen. The script felt pretentious and little approachable. I mean, i could never know to whom could i recommend the movie since it doesn’t feel like it is for everyone.

I know it was supposed to be a thriller, but to me it didn’t. Maybe because i knew the story, maybe because i felt to me so tedious to watch.

There’s a joke that says “i watched the movie three times but the third time i didn’t understand it” and that’s exactly the feeling i was left with when i finished the movie.

There was something of the book in the movie, i mean, a lot of it was the same. Sure they made a few changes which i find a little questionable, for example why did they erased the part where people where talking about something bad happening at the school and instead they showed the janitor working in school. I think the approach of the book was better for the understanding of what’s going on.

I mean, if i didn’t read the book i wouldn’t be able to understand what happened at the end of little tpuches of the story which i think some may need to reatch the movie to fully comprehend if they have the will to rewatch the movie.

Now, if i need to talk a little about the good things in the movie, i’ll highlight the performances by the actors, Jessie Buckely, Jesse Plemons, Toni Collette and David Thewlis were absolutely great in the movie.

Another thing i really liked about the movie was the photography of it. They really made it all look creepy, lonely, sad and beautiful, all at the same time.

I don’t know how much people who didn’t read the book will enjoy and/or understand the movie.

Overall i came to the movie with a lot of expectetions, since i enjoyed the book so much when i read it back n the day, but i left with my hands empty, feeling i wasted 2h14m of my life that i’m never getting back, because even the good performances couldn’t save the movie. Sometimes books just need to be left alone, they don’t need movies. Also, in my opinion most of netflix’s movies aren’t that great anyway, so why bother. I could count with one hand the netflix original movies i enjoyed over the years and that’s just sad. But my opinion on netflix, if anyone cares, could make a great post some other time.

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