Bookish options for this quarantine.

Disclaimer: I’m making this post by myself, nobody is paying me to promote any of the options and/or ideas I’m sharing in this post.

As we all know, the world is going through difficult times. Many of us are in quarantine or isolation because of covid-19 so obviously, we are stuck at home.

Though many of us may be working from home (i am, at least). Many of us are currently getting bored at home.

As readers, we may find this time perfect to read some good books, but also we cannot get out to get said books, so i thought it could be a nice idea to share so ways of getting books to read or to listen to, depending on what do you prefer, so here are for yu some options for new books to enjoy:

Libby: One of the greatest apps i know. If you are a member of a local library close to your home, you may have the option to enter to the app using your card number and have the opportunity to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and magazines to read from your computer, tablet or phone. You just have to find your library, submit your number (i think it’s your membership number) and you are in, you can choose according to the books your library has. It’s great.

Audible: If you prefer listening to audiobooks instead of reading them, audible it’s a great choice. The credit that you get when you try it for the first month it’s for free, after that you can choose the kind of membership you want (there are four options) obviously then you’ll have to pay for the membership. There’s now also an option called “audible escape” in which you can borrow a lot of romantic books (yeah, it’s only with romances for some reason). That option allows you to pay a reasonable price to borrow the books instead of purchasing them. If you are a member of the regular audible (As in you get credits every month) the price for the audible escape is even lower.

Kindle Unlimited: There’s always the option of kindle unlimited. As far as I know, you can get the first month for free (after that you’ll pay us$9.99) or there’s another option of getting three months per us$0.99 and only then getting to pay the full price, while you can cancel the service whenever you want.

Spotify: I recently read in Maggie Stiefvater’s twitter account that many of her books are as audiobooks in Spotify which as far as understand you can get for free with some ads. I guess there are other audiobooks too to listen in the app. You should give it a try.

Scribd: It’s a huge library full of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and documents. A few days ago they announced that because of the current world situation they were sharing their content for free for 30 days without any commitment to them, you don’t have to give them your credit card information.. I used to use scribd when i read a lot more, so i fondly recommend it.

Netgalley: A web where you can subscribe and ask for books to read before they are released in exchange of your opinion and review. You can read the books and publish your review in your blog, in Goodreads, amazon or just give it to them as feedback.

Youtube&Podcasts: As always you can count on Youtube and so many other podcasts to entertain you as you do other things in your house, like cleaning or doing your job at home.

Also, if you are bored at home and you like anime and manga, you can always check out Crunchyroll for a free 14 days trail.

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