Skam is back in a new skin!

A few months ago .. more like about 10 months ago my favorite show, Skam, ended … I talked about the show back in April last year.

I don’t know if you remember but the ending of my beloved show left me heartbroken for a very long time. I just couldn’t get over it.

Still a favorite of mine
It hasn’t been easy getting over this amazing show

Well, to be honest I’m still not totally over it but now there’s no real reason to be. Sure, Eva, Noora, Isak, Sana and friends are gone but there’s a new light.

Still missing our girls

Skam was such a revolutionary way of telling a story about teen life that it managed to speak not only to Norwegian teenagers but to all the world, and now many other countries are in the works of their own version of the show.

I thought we would have to wait for the US version that is supposed to start somewhen in September (maybe?) but I was gladly surprised when dear Billy Maier updated a reaction to the French version to Skam… aka Skam France.

Our ladies are back in a different skin.. now I’m crying in French instead of crying in Norwegian

Yep, Skam is back, people! The show started about two weeks ago and I haven’t fully catched up yet, mostly because I’ve been binge watching two other shows – Altered Carbon and La Casa De Papel (The house of paper). But as soon as I’m done with the last few episodes of Altered Carbon I’ll be heading first back to Skam.

For what i’ve seen this far the storyline for the first season is pretty much as it was Eva’s storyline back in the original version.. but hey, I’m not complaining having updates, videos and everything that made the original Skam great back in our lives is amazing…

I cannot explain how happy I’m of having a story like this to watch and look forward to every day again.

Skam was an amazing story and if we are lucky enough we will be having all that once more, well actually more than once… As I said many countries are making their own version and I might watch them all! I’m so happy I might burst into happiness.

I’ll keep you updated on the topic and my opinion on the old/new characters and how the story is going.. I’m really looking forward to it… I hope you too!

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