Why i don’t have any resolutions for this year.

First of all, i know it’s been a really long time since the last time i posted something on the blog.

It came to my attention the second half of the year becomes really difficult for me to keep on posting and reading so i decided on making a lighter schedule and see where it takes us.

But even tho i decided on making a less stressful schedule i’m not making any resolutions for the year.

>> insert here long paragraph about how having to keep up with the resolutions makes me anxious when i see i cannot meet them and how it stresses me more than necessary.

I don’t need that stress, actually i don’t believe anyone needs it.. So i’m letting it all go, if i read 20 books this year it will be as good as if i read 200.. I seriously need to stop comparing myself to other readers because it stress me out too..

Heck, even if i read only 1 book it will be fine. It’s okay tO have a reading slump or juat not feeling like reading.. I know my blog is mostly about books but there’s a lot to talk about literature qothout talking about specific books.

For the last few months i’ve been writing down a lot of ideas to talk about on the blog so … Just so you know.. It’s coming!!

Wish you all a very good year! (Extremely late.. But still)

2 thoughts on “Why i don’t have any resolutions for this year.

  1. Good on you for knowing that resolutions make you anxious! I sort of kept away from goals last year and really appreciated the freedom. Good luck!

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