Release by Patrick Ness | Review


Release by Patrick Ness

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Glbt
Pages: 287
Publisher: Walker Books
Rating: 3.75 stars

Summary: Inspired by Mrs Dalloway and Judy Blume’s Forever, Release is one day in the life of Adam Thorn, 17. It’s a big day. Things go wrong. It’s intense, and all the while, weirdness approaches…

Adam Thorn is having what will turn out to be the most unsettling, difficult day of his life, with relationships fracturing, a harrowing incident at work, and a showdown between this gay teen and his preacher father that changes everything. It’s a day of confrontation, running, sex, love, heartbreak, and maybe, just maybe, hope. He won’t come out of it unchanged. And all the while, lurking at the edges of the story, something extraordinary and unsettling is on a collision course.

My opinion on the book:

I have to admit that the first thought that comes to my mind when i look back and think about the book is … WTH?

I’ve read a fair amount of books by the author for me to be a fan and for his books to be an instant must read when i see there’s a new one coming out.

Still, even though i really like his writing i have to admit i’m not so sure where i stand with this one.

The story spreads over a day, a terrible one if someone is having it, in the life of the main character. In this day everything that can go wrong does and Adam, our main, needs to face everything, he needs to choose his battles and let go of many things.

Although most of the story is about Adam there’s another ‘main’ character who meet and follow. This part of the story, the one with the second main character felt a little boring, even if it was necessary. And yeah, i can see that even when most of the time ot felt out of place at the end it made sense.

The truth is, i was a little disappointed by this book. I did enjoy the writing, i think Patrick Ness is great creating ideas and expressing them, but the story felt a little dull to me.

As always Patrick Ness’ book touches important subjects on growing up, finding and admitting to yourself and others who you are and as in every other book it was put in a very personal way, so it speaks to young readers the best.

I’m not saying the book wasn’t enjoyable, i read it pretty fast. Not to mention ia a short book overall. I just didn’t feel the emotion i got while reading other of his books.

Still, i would recommend it if you are looking for a bittersweet contemporary to read.

Overall, i have to give this book not more than 3.5 stars, because it felt a little rushed and like it was missing some of the magic the author’s books usually have.


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