Reminiscing Monday #17: The first band i’ve ever listened to.

Reminiscing Monday is basically a series of posts where i talk about everything and anything from books to movies, tv shows, and music that influenced me somehow in my life.

Sure i haven’t been posting this series, or anything much these past few weeks/months but seeing as last week one more light was shut down i thought it would be a good time to bring the series back in order to commemorate it.

Reminiscing Monday: The first band i’ve ever listened to.

Last Thursday Chester Bennington, the lead singer in Linkin Park, was found dead in his home. My sister was the one who gave me the news Friday morning and she shoved the thing off as if it wasn’t important.

At first, i was a little in shock but i thought ‘ok… it’s the shock of knowing someone died’ but as the hours kept passing by i felt worse and worse until i couldn’t stop my tears anymore and broke down crying.

For a fan this could be something normal, but the thing is that even though i do have someLinkin Park songs in my phone and i’ve been listening for a while now i’ve never seen myself as a fan of the band.

So i really stopped to think about why the death of Chester hit me so hard that i’m still bursting into tears from time to time and anywhere.

The realization came to me a few hours ago and it is what i want to talk about today.

Back in 2000 when my sister became a teenager she and i shared a room. This may sound as nothing important but you know how in the pre and teenage years one “discovers” music, meaning for the first time she wasn’t just listening to songs from telenovelas as Chiquititas (little girls) and this affected me as it affected her.

My sister’s first years discovering music were full of rock, rap and punk.

Since i shared the room with her my discovering years were the same.

The most prominent band she listened to was… As you may guess Linkin Park, followed by stuff like Limp Bizkit and Nas.

Sure at the time, i didn’t understand a word of what they sang or why the singer was always screaming but Hybrid Theory was the first cd i’ve ever listened from beginning to end and looking back it meant something because since then i have always had some Linkin Park songs with me.

No, i’ve never been a fan of the band per se, to be honest most of the songs i own are their singles but still, even though i was just a casual listener they have had such an influence in the way i look at the world, how do i choose the battles i believe i can fight, how do i show myself to the world… I mean for years ‘Numb’ was my song, i guess, as many others said already, Linkin Park is the kind of band that is just the soundtrack of life.

I guess it’s the little things that shape us and today i know to appreciate them more than i had before.

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