From the pages to the screen: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King gets a TV adaptation

The other day as i was checking on the YouTubers i follow religiously, one of my favorites, the one i follow the most for the thrillers and Stephen King’s updates reacted to the Mr. Mercedes trailer and i almost died.

You gotta understand, when i first read Mr. Mercedes i was in love with the book two pages in, so can you imagine how excited i am because of this?

But, what is the story about?

A retired cop is haunted by a mass killer who one frigid night years ago ran over the waiting crowd of a job fair. The killer, using a stolen car killed 8 people (including a baby) and wounded many others. Now he is back to try and get read of Hodges, the police officer who had the case but could never catch him.

Brady Hartsfield, our killer, an antisocial and intelligent man who still lives with his alcoholic mother is thirsty for blood and nothing will stop him from try and ruin Hodges’s life.

Interested? Here’s the official trailer:

Now, what do i think about the trailer? …

Resultado de imagen para bill hodgesWell, first of all; Yes, that’s my Kermit Bill Hodges. He is actually the actor i pictured for the role so i’m like, super excited about it! In case you didn’t realize or know, he is Brendan Gleeson and he played Alastor Moody in the Harry Potter movies, he is also General Armitage Hux’s (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), aka Bill Weasley’s father in real life.

As for Brady, we have the actor Harry Treadaway, who you may know from Penny Dreadful, where he played Victor Frankenstein.

Really not what i had in mind, but you know… he seems completely crazy like Brady and i sort of  like it…

Resultado de imagen para mr mercedes trailer pictures There are some other characters that threw me out, but i guess, we just have to wait and see how they portrait the characters in the show instead of having any preconceived opinions.


As for the references from the book, like the smiley faces or the clown mask, like … okay, i can’t wait to actually see it all in the show.

Have you heard of Mr. Mercedes before? Are you looking forward to watching the series?

The show will start August 9th, don’t forget to tune in!


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