2017’s resolution?

Hello there guys and happy new year! I know i’m sort of late but i actually like wishing stuff later when you aren’t expecting anyone else to come forward… That’s just something i do. Like, i’ll be calling on someone’s birthday but when it is almost over…so you know, one last wish before the day is over.

Anyway, i know the past few months i was pretty awol and though i tried my best i couldn’t bring myself to pick up where i left.

To be completely honest with you i was overwhelmed by the idea that i just had to read as much as possible. Because of that idea i ended up reading books i didn’t truly enjoy and by September/October i felt like i’ve just wasted a year of my life reading just for the sake of having something to write about instead of enjoying my favorite thing, reading books and discovering new worlds.

This is why i decided on one resolution for this new year, which is, to read books i do enjoy even if they take more time to read. It took me long enough to remember it is not about the quantity but about the quality of what you read.

Sure this doesn’t mean i’ll be reading only classics (because of ‘quality’, you know how many people think that quality it’s only the classic and basically all the contemporary literature is pure S***) but books i really want to read and enjoy.

I’ll be sharing with you my truest and happier opinions this year (i hope) as much as catching up with some stuff i want to share and maybe adding some other content that isn’t book related.

I hope we’ll keep reading about each other and for my writing to keep on a steady rhythm all year long.

2 thoughts on “2017’s resolution?

  1. I think, as a reader and a blogger, reading books that you enjoy is much better than reading books that you only read because they’re popular, or to finish a goal. Quality over quantity, y’know. I’m glad you’re doing this!

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