Experience The Horror This Halloween!

So, since Halloween is approaching i decided to share with you some horrifying pieces created by me! If you don’t make it through it all at least read the last paragraph, i’ll much appreciate it! Thank you and enjoy!

“Experience real horror this Halloween! Watch the last few seasons of The Simpsons!”

The “Knock” Revisited;

The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.


Reading recs for this Halloween; A Newspaper!

Watch the most horrifying show created by Ryan Murphy ; GLEE!

Person 1: Man, i just watched the scariest movie ever!

Person 2: What’s it called?

Person 1: “The News”

Person: What’s your favorite horror trope on books?

Me: Love Triangles.

Feel the Horror, Still 413 Days To Go Until Star Wars Episode VIII.

The Thing I Fear The Most: My Bank Account’s Balance.

Want to feel horror? Remember the Magnus Chase series is only a trilogy (at least for now).

And now for real. There’s really a lot of horrific stuff going in the world, so i thought i could share a little silly stuff to ease the moment. Also, everything related to real stuff here, was used just in the intent of make a funny pun, please don’t take it serious.

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