Reminiscing Monday #16: Digimon

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

Digimon by … wait, who is the creator of Digimon!? … (goes check…) Akiyoshi Hongou

Digimon AdventureI have an eternal fight with my brother, which one is better… Digimon or Pokemon? My brother says it’s Pokemon because it’s still running, to me it’s Digimon because i liked it better and the fact that something still runs doesn’t mean it is necessarily good.

The Digidestinated, the Digimons, the Digievolutions, omg… i have almost tears in my eyes.

Now, maybe i started watching Pokemon before Digimon, but the moment i started the last i lost all interest i might have had for Pikachu and Ash.

I started watching Digimon when i was about 9 or 10, i remember i caught the first episode by chance, and it was in the very beginning of it, when the kids where at camp.

From the moment i watched that episode i knew i would love the show and would watch every episode, which i did and still do, because the anime from my childhood are the ones i rewatch most of the time.

There was something really fun about the show, maybe the fact that it wasn’t happening in our world, but the Digidestinated were humans brought there like it could happen to anyone.. (escaping this regular and boring life is a leitmotiv in my life). Sure, they were animated but who was thinking about that fact then?

Also, i think for the first time i found a character that reminded me of myself in an anime, later i would find some more, i’m talking about Koushiro and maybe a little about Jou.

When i was little (and actually it’s still that way) i enjoyed more shounen than shoujo (CLAMP aside) and the Digimons’ battles were super fun for little Clemence. I could play hours as a Digidestinated and as a Digimon itself.

To be completely honest here, even though i really like Digimon i only completed watching two seasons (Digimon Adventure and Digimon Zero Two) but i watched some episodes of the others seasons and they are all in my TBW list.

Now, last week i talked about my childhood crushes, but now thinking about Digimon i’m realizing i totally forgot about one of them … (maybe two or ten), the one crush i had from Digimon though… Yamato Ishida.. i liked him in both Digimon Adventure and Zero Two. Like omg, i liked him so freaking much  it’s really embarrassing.

Yamato Ishida
(My sister thought i was crazy because i was crushing on an animated character -) Yamato Ishida.

So, i really hope i wasn’t the only kid crushing on Yamato Ishidaanimated characters… otherwise07.

But what can i say, since i was never going outside to play with other children, all i saw most of the time was animated series, and kids develop ridiculous crushes all the time!!

Anyway, so i was talking about how much i liked Digimon… Sure, i watched the show at least 1o times from beginning to end. And i still cry with the last episode of the first season.

I talked actually about Digimon coming back when i started the blog, i was really happy because we are now getting some new OVAs (original video animation) with the original Digidestinated (aka; the kids from Adventure) but they grew up and everything is amazing.

Thinking back, Digimon is part of who i am, at least th first two seasons are. Like, to this day when someone makes a change on how they look or something i say they “digievolved”. My sister thinks i need to grow up, but she sas that about all the anime i watch so…

There was something really neat on the show, i can’t pinpoint why i liked so much… i could as well not like it and nothing would have changed in life much. Still, i’m so happy that i enjoyed it and i like it to this day.


‘Til Next Time 😉


2 thoughts on “Reminiscing Monday #16: Digimon

  1. I love the first season of Digimon..❤ One of my earliest OTP was Hikari and Takeru. I ship them sooo much, even though they were so young back then, lol😁

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