Random Post Sunday: I’m a listener. 

I’m a listener. I am like a serial listener.

I’ll be waiting at the bus station and an old lady will approach me to talk about her problems. I guess i have the look of a listener.

You see, i don’t share my problems with people, they don’t understand. I don’t complain to them because i know they don’t care. At all.

That’s most people for you. People like sharing their problems but not listen to others’s.

It’s not like i don’t have problems. Although if you just look at me you’ll think i don’t have any.

Well, i used to have a soul but it died at some point and i’m now dead inside. I don’t tell that to people. They wouldn’t understand. They wouldn’t care either.

So i conceal and people see it as an invitation to talk and share their *problems*.

I used to care and try to give my help or advice but then my soul died. So if i’m giving advice unless it is about books, movies or tv shows i don’t recommend you to follow them.

You may be thinking, but you are sharing here right now, aren’t you? Well, joke’s on you. I don’t truly believe any of this is even real.

3 thoughts on “Random Post Sunday: I’m a listener. 

  1. Somehow I can relate. I really can listen to others but somehow I can’t really share anything about myself to them. I’m being labelled as ’emotionless’ just because I don’t really show my facial expression too much.

    Sometimes, I do feel that they are not ready or will not be interested on listening to me at all.

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