Reminiscing Monday #15: Fictional Crushes From Childhood

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Well, actually today i’m gonna talk  about my crushes back in the day when i was a little girl (from ages 5-12 more or less), this is gonna be awkward…

 Fictional Crushes From Childhood

The idea came to me when i was rewatching 12 Monkeys (the tv show). I was happily thinking about how cute Aaron Stanford is (tumblr_inline_n61q9gT5Qa1qhdusl) when i remembered he played Pyro in the X-men movies. Now, i really enjoy the X-men movies (or most of them) although they have a big BIG HUGE flaw. They DON’T HAVE GAMBIT ON THEM.

haha, you may think, why do you even care about about Gambit? but, BUT…

Actually, Gambit was one of my first crushes ever, and i mean Gambit the animated version.

Haha, actually i used to like Cyclops too, but not as much as i liked Gambit. I think it was the first time someone had to tell me i won’t be marrying him because he is animated… I really wanted to be Rogue at the time…

This reminds me i also wanted to be Kimberly, the pink power ranger because of  Tommy, the green/white power ranger. They had a thing going on, didn’t they?


what even, i was like 5 when i liked him.

Dragon Shiryu, from Saint Seiya was also really up on my list back in the day…. right now i’m like really laughing about this, but at the time i was completely serious like it was one of my biggest crushes … omg.

Fou Lafine

Another character i had a crush on created by Saint Seiya’s creator, Kurumada Masami, was Fou “Fao” Lafine from B’t X. Man, i loved this anime so much, but it’s an oldie and i never find people who watched it … i’ll talk about it someday.


Back in the day when i just started reading Harry Potter, Ron was my favorite character… so when Rupert Grint was casted for the movies i immediately  had a crush in him too…

Finally, last but not least, …. in Argentina there was this telenovela for kids called “Chiquititas” (“little girls”) and somewhere in the way they brought a Mexican young actor called Felipe Colombo to play in the telenovela…

Actually in this picture he looks a little older than when i was 11-12, but since i had a crush on him through my teenage years, all the time, all the freaking time… so it doesn’t really matter…

Since having these crushes , a long time has passed but still, though all my life i had them, not these specifically, but through the years i had tons and tons of crushes…. i still do have them actually, … my biggst crush being Jared Padalecki since i was 15-16, when i started watching Supernatural.

Man, i don’t know if this post is more pointless or shameful, but it’s at least a little of both..

Who were your crushes when you were little?

‘Til Next Time 😉





2 thoughts on “Reminiscing Monday #15: Fictional Crushes From Childhood

  1. OMG I also watched Felipe Colombo when I was young. I saw him in a telenovela called Agujetas De Color De Rosa.
    Gambit used to be one of my favorite X-Men. I don’t remember much about the X-Men cartoons but Gambit was one of the few characters I did remember. He musta made an impression. French bad boy? I don’t know lol.

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