Not A ‘Good Reading’ Year [thus far]

We are about half way through July 2016, so i figured, i can already talk a little about how my reading is going this far.  Now, i’ll talk about both sides of my reading, meaning the amount of books and how much i enjoyed them.

My goal for the year, i wanted tove a doable goal, i set it at 60 book, which means 5 books per month. Pretty doable right? Right. As of today i already read 74 books and i’m trying to get to the 100 by the end of the year, just because it seems like i can do it right now.

You may think, ‘then you are doing fine, Clemence… how is it not a good reading year?’.

So, let me explain this;

When i started this year i knew it will be a difficult one. 2015 was an amazing year, i had it difficult to choose my favorites because there were too many of them. Out of the 105 i read last year i LOVED at least 85, like a lot.

So, when 2016 started i was worried i wouldn’t be able to find good books as all those again, at least not that much… this far i’d been right.

It doesn’t matter how many books i read, i cannot find *the* books. Like, yeah

Like, yeah i might like them, but they don’t change my life (with only a few exceptions) and it feels really sad… I feel like yeah, i can finish reading those books but i would totally rather find books to fall in love with, the kind of books i will reread a few more times.

I’ m really trying to find these *amazing* books, i just cannot find them… and it is making me lose hope. This far i’ve been trying but i’m scared of the big reading slump that may come because i cannot find books i really love and enjoy.

So, here i am… still hoping to find books, and maybe because of that i’m writing this, to ask you guys if you could give me some books recommendations, and i mean books that really made an impression on you. Pretty please?

I’d be forever thankful.

Will be waiting for your recs!

‘Til Next Time 😉



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