Random Post Sunday: I’ve Never Been This Impulsive.

As you are reading this, you won’t believe it but i’m preparing my suitcase for a second time this year. It never happened before, i never traveled twice in one year. Sure, if you knew other people in my family you would see they travel a lot, but not me.

Anyway, as i said, i’m preparing my suitcase because this Friday i’m flying with my siblings to Crete. Of all the things i thought might happen in my life, visiting twice the same country in four months never crossed my mind.

I don’t know if you remember but this past May i visited Rhodes(Greece)&Limasol(Cyprus) with my parents and my little brother. Now i’m flying to Crete(Greece) with both my Brother&Sister.

The funny thing is, it was my idea this last one.

It never happened to me, being this impulsive, i just decided i wanted to travel last Monday, just like that i texted my sister “want to join me on a trip?” , she being the wanderlust person she is immediately said yes even though she is leaving for South Africa a few days after we are back.

Then we started to looking for places to travel to, but couldn’t find anything and for a few days i thought i would have to wait until next year, when i’ll be traveling by myself to Dublin-London-Edinburgh (sure, a third time in London won’t hurt anyone, since LONDON IS MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE WHOLE WORLD).

I was kissing my dream of actually being impulsive for once goodbye when my mother, a traveler agent, found us a great deal for Crete. Sure,

Sure, i wanted to visit Greece, but i actually had in mind Athens. My sister wanted Spain, Barcelona or Madrid.

I wanted history, archeology, she wanted a full of emotion city, we found a beach and a nice hotel. We both hate the beach, so we figured, it would be great to be there together.  Then my sister had the great idea of inviting our little brother, who wasn’t sure, but my mother told him he was traveling with us no matter what.

So, now we are preparing ourselves for a trip together after almost 10 years since our last vacation by ourselves together! And all because i thought it would be nice to invite my sister to a vacation!

Okay, so the real idea was because she has been having a pretty bad time lately, she is apparently really sick, we don’t say the illness we are all afraid she might have, but we are all thinking about it, and i wanted her to have a few days to relax, so i thought of the vacation.

I really hope it helps her to feel a little better and also, i really hope and pray she will be alright and that we just worried about nothing, but who knows? Man, i hope it’s really nothing, or if it is, that it is something treatable and easy enough.

So, yeah… as i said in the beginning of the post, as you read this i’ll be preparing for my trip with two of the people i love the most in the world.

Obviously, i won’t be long gone, and i’ll leave some stuff here, so you won’t even notice i’m gone.  I’ll be catching up with the blogs i read as soon as i can.

And well, i think that’s all for today. I hope you are having a great weekend, i know i am, because i have Sunday free! (normally i work on Sundays). I’m sort of on vacation, … i still have to go to work about 5 days until the end of August, but … i’m getting paid and not working much! Man, i love my new work place!

Have a great week, guys!

‘Til Next Time 😉



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