“Read The Book” … how about NO.

Okay, so after finishing writing this i realized it may sound a little rude, or aggressive, please forgive me, it is not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings but just bring up a subject that has been on my mind for a while ow and that i really wanted to talk about. Also, please remember i’m just back on track, writing and blogging, so… Okay, this is getting weird, you can stop reading this and start reading the actual post.

I was going through my gifs folder on my laptop a few days ago, looking for something interesting, something to inspire me when i found this gif:


Now, it’s “obviously” a funny moment in the movie and all, but it really got me thinking, do I  really have to read (insert book name here)?

I always look at my family while thinking about readers (mostly because they are the only, readers i have around) and each one of them has a very specific kind of books they will be willing to read.

For example, my sister may read some self-improvement books and some general fiction, but she’ll never spend 10 hours of her time reading a fantasy book. This doesn’t mean she won’t sit to watch a two hours fantasy movie. She has watched all the Harry Potter movies, even if she says she didn’t like them (then why did she have to watch them all?) but i’m absolutely sure she’ll never ever sit to read the seven eight books, because it’s too much time and she prefers to spend it doing other stuff.

I remember someone once told me that to read a book you  need to have a vivid imagination, especially for Science fiction and fantasy, because many of the things presented there are so much more “fictional” and some people just lack that.

Not that i completely agree, but obviously we cannot all have the same vivid imagination. Also, there’s a possibility that i’m not the only one escaping from my reality reading books? Others like their lives and don’t feel the need for a different one.

My mom would say she doesn’t need fantasy books because she has her own fantasy world, and i’m guessing many others do too. Still,why would she want to read fantasy?

And i’m talking fantasy mostly because it’s the main genre i read, but i suppose it applies to all the genres. Well, mostly science fiction and fantasy, because they are so out there in comparison.

Anyway, i think that’s not the point i was going for.

The main reason i wanted to talk about people telling others to “read the book” is because you know what? they don’t have to if they don’t want, and it will be wrong to make a judgment because of that. There are lots of reasons why a person won’t read a book, really.

Let me tell you some of my reason of why a book may intimidate me;

  • Huge Books – those books i would totally love to read but would take a lot of time from me since i’m not the fastest reader, and i have such a big TBR that the time wasted on that immense book i could spend reading three-four books… So yeah, that’s a huge deal for me while deciding what to read and what not to.
  • The Writing Style  – Sometimes you just don’t click with the writing style of an author. For example, i read most of John Green’s books, but now i decided that i won’t be giving them a priority, because even though i managed to read his books, i don’t enjoy the way they are written (no offense).
  • The Language Level – You know what? I won’t be reading Song Of Ice And Fire because even though i tried before, the language on it feels too much out of my league, and in my opinion, that’s just fine. Why should i fight it when i can read and enjoy other books and also watch the show (which i don’t but you get the point).
  • The Plot – Sometimes, the thing si read and the ones i watch don’t always match. Sure, there are some anime and movies i would love to read (like the script or something) but others, because of the plot, i will be willing to spend two hours of my time watching a movie but not – 14 reading a book about just life being life.
  • The Genre – Some books i won’t be able to read because they are not in my genre reading spectrum but, i may give a chance to a movie that is shorter that spending many hours reading a book.
  • No Reason – I may also just don’t want to read the book because you know what? i’m a free person and i can choose what do i  want to read and what not. It’s pretty simple, just because everyone is reading a book or whatever other reason it doesn’t mean i have to do it too. If there’s a movie and i prefer to watch the movie instead then it’s my decision, and if i’m okay with that, you should too. Do you want to read the book? Be my guest.

Anyway, the decision should be made by the person him/her self, and not because of pressure or such, it’s better to choose your own readings that been obliged to read something, in my experience when you are the one choosing most of the time you enjoy the book way better.

Wow, that was something…

‘Til Next Time 😉


4 thoughts on ““Read The Book” … how about NO.

  1. todays society definitely makes me feel like I need to read all the popular books out there, GoT’s, Hunger Games, Divergent are just a few that I have no interest in reading, however I brought the Hunger Games box set just for the sake of it and I kind of regret it because those are 3 books that are taking space up on my bookshelf that I will probably never read :/

      1. Yeah or the fact that because you have a book blog/review books you need to have read them all :/

  2. I don’t know. I feel like the problem I usually encounter is “You don’t need to read the book” or “why read the book?” I’m just not surrounded by readers. But it doesn’t really affect me much nor do I try to force people to read. To each their own. However, the one time I do feel bothered by people not reading is when they refer to reading as something smart, nerdy people do. Reading is for everyone, and they’re doing themselves a disservice by thinking that reading is for smart people only.
    I feel like I’ve gone off topic so I’ll stop now.
    Although, now that you mention fantasy and some people not liking fantasy, I have to admit that I have judged a couple of people due to their seeming lack of imagination. It’s not even books, it’s movies. I’ve heard things from “I don’t like to watch fantasy movies because it’s fake and I don’t understand it”, to “it’s just a movie”. Well no shit it’s just a movie, but you’re doing it wrong lol. These type of comments make my skin crawl. So I chalk it up to a lack of imagination.

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