Man, it’s hard to come back…

It’s been a while since i posted book related stuff and it’s all because i’ve been away for about six, seven weeks? Man it’s been a hard time…

To be honest, i’ve been home a weekend or two, but because i hadn’t write in such a long time it was difficult to find my voice again. Like ridiculously difficult, i tried a few things but nothing feels right, still i keep trying my best.

I cannot know how and when i’ll be fully back, but i’m really trying.

I may be back posting little by little, there are some thing i really want to share and i hope to come back to myself asap.

Anyway, i hope you are all doing okay.

Lots of love.




hey guys, long time no see, hope you are doing well…

i know i haven’t been around for a few weeks now, and i wanted to let you know that i’ll be  in a little hiatus for a while.  I hope to be back before the month is over, i’m just having some health issues and i don’t have a computer with me all the time, so i don’t have many opportunities to write….

this weekend i’m home, but i don’t know if i’ll have the strength to write, maybe prepare some stuff for the next week, so i won’t make any promises, but i’ll do my best to find some stability and be back as soon as possible.

as i said before, i hope you are all doing good, i miss the blog and you guys a lot and i hope to be around again soon!

lots of love ❤