More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than This More Than This by Patrick Ness

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary,  Glbt
Pages: 480
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd.
Rating: 4.5 stars

Synopsis: A boy drowns, desperate and alone in his final moments. He dies.

Then he wakes, naked and bruised and thirsty, but alive.

How can this be? And what is this strange deserted place?

As he struggles to understand what is happening, the boy dares to hope. Might this not be the end? Might there be more to this life, or perhaps this afterlife?

My opinion on the book:

Aha! I’ve been thinking a lot on how to approach this review. This is book was nothing like i thought it will be. SO, excuse me if this goes out of control.

The book narrates the story of Seth, a boy who just committed suicide and then he woke up in a weird desolated town. The town in which an incident changed his family’s life forever. As the story develops we get to see what happened in Seth life for him to kill himself, as we learn different things about what deciding to live really means, friendship and the importance of having hopes and really wanting things to happen.

The plot seems really simple, a boy died and now he finds himself in a town that is pretty much hell, abandoned and solitaire. As the story develops and we get to see what the place really is, Seth finds he isn’t really alone there and the place is nothing like he thought.

I find the idea the plot very unique, i gotta say i was not expecting many of the stuff that happens and that was a really fun ride.

The plot of the book centers on Seth’s experiences in life and death, how he grows to understand life much better and such, so most of the secondary characters i the book are much developed because they are more than anything there to move Seth’s plot forward. So don’t expect much development for most of the characters, although some of them get their shining time.

There’s something about the way the story is written. As i always say, Patrick Ness’ writing style and the way he describes emotions, feelings and situations, is amazing. Also the fact that even though Seth spends much time by himself, thinking, the thoughts of the character don’t repeat themselves, sure there are some that really bothered Seth, but that’s different.

The book talks about some hard topics, obviously since it starts with the main character dying. I think the way these topics were mostly on point, with the exception of one that felt a little weird to me (no spoilers). There was something beautiful in Seth’s way through his realization about life. Even a few day after i finished the book it still sticks with me.

As i said before, one of the things that felt a little less sharpened was the back-story of one of the secondary characters. Anyway, the topic wasn’t developed much.

Overall, it was a very interesting reading full of great moments and many quotes i took with me. The thing is, it made me think a lot about life and what actually matters while we are alive. I enjoyed reading it a lot. I really liked the characters, especially the ones in the “afterlife”.

I would recommend this book to everyone, unless suicide may be a trigger for you.

Have you read the book? What were your impressions on it?

And that’s all for now… hope you are reading some great books!

Happy Reading!

‘Til Next Time 😉




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