Reminiscing Monday #9: Labyrinth

Monday’s here, which means i’m bringing you once again this section, where i talk about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

And today i’ gonna talk about the movie;

Labyrinth directed by Jim Henson

Labyrinth Poster When a young girl wishes the goblin king would take her little step brother away, she never thought it could actually happen, but as she leaves the baby alone in his crib, he stops crying and when she comes back to check on him she discovers he had disappeared.

To find her brother she’ll have to cross all the way through the weirdest of the labyrinths, finding new friends and all kind of creepy stuff that will try to stop her from getting the baby in time, so he can stay forever in the hands of the goblin king.

Looking back at the movie, a few months ago i could not understand why would a little girl aged about 7 years old watch this movie so any times…

I remember having a VHS of the movie at hoe when i was little and it was in English with Spanish subs, which at the time i couldn’t read completely, and yet i would keep in watching and repeating the stuff that was said (or that i thought they said) in the movie…

When rewatching the movie a while ago, after a long while without watching it i found it so any kinds of creepy, i’m not sure i would allow my (non-existent) children watch the movie at such a young age…

I mean, i don’t think i can really explain why i find it so disturbing now, mostly because even though, i still really like it. It’s so magical in a way … it has music and friendship and a lot of creatures and adventures! I mean, yeah, on one hand it’s obvious why children would love the movie… (although i don’t think my sister ever loved it) but on the hand there were so many wrong things with the movie…

According to IMDB [x] it’s a movie for all the family…. okay…. so it’s okay for children to watch it.

Now, moving on…

So when i was younger whenever i happened to watch the movie one of two things would happen;

  • I will be scared to death of the goblin king, and won’t go to sleep fearing he’ll come for me
  • I will hope the goblin king will come to get me and take me to that magical place.

I always loved fantasy and the idea of a regular girl entering a fantasy world gave me hope that one day i may find magic in this boring non-magical world (same thing with Harry Potter)… oh why do we live in such a boring world…?

Another thing i remember doing while watching the movie was reenact scene by scene (musical pieces included) the whole movie… this made my sister look at me funny and my mother send me to improve class at a very young age.

I wish this was the moment when i told you the improve classes i took because of the movie were my calling, but i’ll be lying, as i hate “acting” in front of others … i just really liked to play i was in the movie by myself… (i cannot even pretend i’m good at social activities).

So, even when my mother tried to make me play with others, which i never did i didn’t blame the movie for the improve classes (those terrible classes) – well, blaming the movie would be sort of weird, but i tend to do weird stuff… so that was a new.

Anyway, even hating the classes and all the improve, but i kept enjoying my reenactments, and i still enjoy reciting movies and such, so…

If you hadn’t watched the movie yet, i totally recommend it, it’s a great movie, full of amazingness and David Bowie.. oh, did i forgot to mention he is the goblin king? Well, he is and he is AMAZING <3.

Oh, no.. i almost forgot to tell you that in the movie you’ll find many of the cutest characters, like they are… they grow on you…

In case you already saw the movie, what was your impression on it? did you like the movie? what was your favorite part? Mine is in the swamp (?) where the rocks pop up! That and the scene with all the hands :D.

And pretty much, that’s all for this Monday… 🙂

‘Til Next Time!


2 thoughts on “Reminiscing Monday #9: Labyrinth

  1. A very entertaining post!
    I watched this movie for the first time only a couple of years ago, so I don’t really feel any strong connections or emotions towards it. It was a really good movie of course, but I think I didn’t find it as mesmerizing as a child would. I think my favorite part was the stairs scene. Super cool!

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