Resolutions’ Update #5

It’s been a while since i checked up on my resolutions, so i figured, this could be a good time since we are ending the month and all… so let’s see…

Last month i managed to read my second Shakespeare’s play which means i’m done with that goal, but not with Shakespeare since i really enjoyed Hamlet… i may go back to it sooner than expected.

This month i started reading 1984, which i’m enjoying although the reading is kind of slow, i don’t really know why… i mean, i really like it.. it’s sort of weird. Anyway, i decided to put it on hold because my sister got us tickets to go see The Miser by Moliere on the theatre, so i read it before.. to be prepared. I wasn’t planning on reading it, but i did have it for some reason.. i think my mom got it for me a few years ago… anyway, the classic of the month was The Miser.

I’m still not reading the books i own from last year, and it’s getting difficult to remember when i got the books, so i don’t really know.. although i think i read three books i owned already, which is great…. if my count is right, i’m half way through that goal… yay!

I’m looking still for a good manga to read… any recommendations? since i have to read completed manga, i’m looking for something with about 100 chapters? … something good out there? please help me! I was thinking of reading Evangelion, but i don’t know… i mean, i watched the show and the movies… i know it differs from it the manga, but the beginning will be annoying i think, i’ll think about it…

As for the trilogies; well, i think i’ll keep reading the Jaguar&Eagle trilogy by Isabel Allende, i’ll try reading the second book… anyway, other runners for the goal are; Red Rising (which i already own), Penryn and the End of Days (which i bought on a whim at the beginning of the year in an omnibus edition) and Daugther of Smoke and Bone… i’m still figuring it i should binge read them all or what.

Okay,i think that’s all i had o say on the matter…

‘Til Next Time 😉


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