Old Friend Revisited #4: Detective Conan

With a weird plot as a guy being shrunk to his 7 years old self, solving impossible and extremely creative cases and being on air for about20 years now, Detective Conan, Mentaitei Conan or Case Closed (whatever you want to call it) is one the of the shows i’ve been watching for the longest time in my life and though it hasa lot of WTF? moments, i totally love it!

So now, let’s talk about it for a bit!

Shinichi Kudo was a young detective that sometimes helped the Tokyo Police solve some murder cases until one day, during an investigation he was attacked by members of a crime organization who gave him a poison. However the poison doesn’t kill him and instead of that it turns him a little child again.

In order to find the organization who did this to him and an antidote he creates a cover identity with the help of a scientist friend and becomes “Conan Edogawa”, then he goes living with his childhood friend Ran Mouri and her father, without them knowing the truth and he helps the man, a terrible investigator, to solve the most difficult cases they come upon.

When did you start watching the show?

I was around 9 years old when i discovered this anime, there was this show called “the anime club” and in it they would marathon 4 episodes on Saturday/Sunday. It was the first anime i watched in that show and i liked it from the very moment i found it.

Why did you start watching it?

Well, it was when i just started obsessing over anime, and i would watch pretty much anything i could find in the tv, those were good times …

When did you knew you love the show so much it’d become a favorite?

I guess when i started crying because it was over (yeah right…), well the episodes they had were over, and they stopped showing it in “the anime club”, gosh, i was so so upset… hahha i cannot believe i actually cried because of that.. geez..

How many times did you watch the show?

Well, the dubbed stuff  i watched a million times, i still remember the solutions, but after a while it’s impossible to keep rewatching the show, i mean.. i’m planning on starting again soon, but the show it’s still running (since 1996) and it has more than 800 episodes and like, about or almost 20 movies.

Who is your favorite character?

 Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

They are the main character of the series (and i mean only one character because they are the same guy), and i totally love them, they are so funny, especially when being Conan and like being unable to actually show how smart he is, and then being “curious” so the older people may catch what he is trying to make them see and such. Like, he touches stuff he shouldn’t or he’d “randomly” ask questions that are so specific it will leave all the rest like “why would you think of that?” and he’ll be like “hehe, i heard of it in a tv show a few days ago”. It doesn’t make sense!

Other characters i really like are:


Shuichi Akai – this character has an amazing voice actor


Ran Mouri – this girl kicks some serious ass


Who is your least favorite character?


 Kogoro Mouri

I guess, he is suppose to be a humor relief character on the show, but i honestly cannot stand him at all.. poor Ran having to deal with him, him being her dad and all…






Shinichi x Ran forever ❤

Obviously, since i’ve been ewatching this show for such a long time it would feel weird for me if i didn’t have an interest in the romantic relationships in it. My OTP and to be honest, one of my biggest OTPs is Shinichi and Ran… the only reason i’m wanting this show to end is so i can finally know if they get together… although i have the impression Ran will be HELLA MAD when she discovers he lied to her for such and long time and didn’ tell her he was Conan… but love conquers all, so i hope it ends well…


Favorite moment?

 Any Conan/Shinichi and Ran moment it’s really a favorite.

Least favorite moment?

*Spoilers* so i cannot say anything about it.

One thing you just totally love;

Most of the time at the end of another 100 episodes (more or less) there’sa “special” with more than two episodes… back in the day Shinichi would appear in these episodes and it’s mostly about the men in black. These episodes are always very entertaining and i’m always waiting for me..

One thing you dislike;

Because of the long run of the show it catches up with the manga a lot, and then they will stop releasing episodes for a while, so now i only watch the show about twice a year and as a binge watch of about 12-20 episodes, i wish i could watch it every other week! Well, that’s why i’m currently starting over from the very beginning.

Would you recommend it?

I totally would, to anyone willing to start watching a show with about 800 episodes… i mean,… there’s a need for a very strong will and a lot of free time to actually start watching the show now, but i guess it’s doable …. i’ll tell you when i finish rewatching all the episodes… but i guess, you can also watch the most important episodes (checking on the wikipedia and such) and catch up quickier or something, honestly there are some episodes you can totallly avoid…

Any last words about the show?

Well, Detective Conan it’s a very popular show in Japan, or so would you think when it has been o running for the last 20 years or so. It has it’s flaws (of which i’ll be talking soon in a special post) but in the end it’s a really fun watch… if you have the willing and the time, i recommend it a lot.



3 thoughts on “Old Friend Revisited #4: Detective Conan

  1. I’m catching up with Detective Conan, too! I started with the very first episode last year, but I was not able to watch much these days. I’m currently in the 273rd episode (still a long way to goooo!) I love trying to solve the mystery before Conan does, but most of the time failing to do so Hahaha. I’m excited about your next post about this 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m so happy to know i’m not the only one in this! I try to solve the cases too, but most of the time i end up like wth? How did he think of that?!thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Ah! I see Detective Conan everywhere, but I haven’t really thought about starting it. 800 episodes?! and I thought Naruto was long. Thank goodness that’s over, maybe I can finally catch up. Anyway, I might give Detective Conan a try, I’m really bad at finishing series though.

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