Reminiscing Monday #6: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Once again, Monday is here .. and  i’m here with this section in which i’ll be talking about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Yes, this time i’m writing this post while avoiding responsibilities, i should be sending CVs, but instead… as you can see, i’m talking about better times and nicest memories…

And today, i wanna talk to you about:

Pirates Of The Caribbean; The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) I remember itlike it was yesterday, back in 2004 i used to chat wth people from all over the world in the msg… there i had a Spanish friend that told me she watched a very entertaining movie and she recommended it to me… little did she know she would be sending me into the biggest watching a single movie loop of my life.

It may sound fake, but back in 2004 i saw this movie three times a day for about two months straight…(the holidays are a bless)… Yes, July – August of 2004 were the weirdest months of my life.. i didn’t do much apart of watching this movie. I used to watched it morning-afternoon-evenning (yes, i swear i watched it three times a day) and then i watched some other Johnny Depp movies.. Of course i watched Pirates of the caribbean mostly because of Jack Sparrow.

To this day i can still recite most of the movie.. i used to be able to go through all the movie, in English and Spanish, but now i may be a little rusty. Not to mention that i’m probably not able to watch the whole movie any longer… like i watched it more times than i watched Titanic, and people are more than surprised when i tell them a saw it 30 times… Yeah, well,… obviously i watched Pirates of the Caribbean about 200 times, and i may still watch it some day… Jack Sparrow is amazing.

I own the three first movies, the forth one i didn’t like that much so i didn’t buy… some days i think about buying it just for the heck of it… after all i do love the franchise and i feels stupid to only own three out of four…

Anyway, gosh, i cannot explain how much i used to love these movies,… there was something about the adventure in them, the pirates, the costumes i totally loved it, and i wanted to ‘part of that world’ so much i watched and watched and watched the movies.

Like, i believe everyone could enjoy the movie at least once, all my family had to watch it a few times.. even my mother and she doesn’t like movies… who doesn’t like movies, right? that’s so weird…

As i said, everyone who knew me at the time had to watch the movie at least once, and i watched with each and everyone of them.. yes, i have a thing about rewatching the sames tv shows and movies and rereading books… it’s something that helps me go trough my life or something…i don’t know… the thing i do know it’s i’ll always remember the summer i spent with the Pirates of the caribbean…


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