On Creepypastas.

Hello everybody! Welcome to another post in which i’ll be sharing my personal opinion, this week i wanna talk about Creepypastas. For the record i won’t be telling any stories on the post, i may comment a little on them or name them, but i won’t share them here… in case you are interested you can find them everywhere on the internet.

So first of all; what’s a creepypasta?

According to wikipedia Creepypastas are horror-related legends or images[..] around the Internet. These entries are often brief, user-generated ghost or alien stories intended to scare readers.”

Basically, these a horror stories mimicking urban legends. Some of the most famous are The Slenderman, Jeff The Killer and Ted The Caver … obviously, these are only a few examples as this creepypasta thing is now everywhere around the internet.

So, why do i even want to talk about this?

Well, i don’t know how many of you know it, but i love horror stories, horror movies .. basically i love to be afraid, and yeah, i’ll admit that some creepypastas scared the s*** out of me.

And to be honest, that’s exactly what i want to talk about. The principal thing about creepypastas is the fact that they are written in a very basic way, this is not your normal horror story, but little entries that give you the chills when you read the.

The principal thing about creepypastas is the fact that they are written in a very basic way, this is not your normal horror story, but little entries that give you the chills when you read them.

Personally, i find the beauty of them in the fact that it’s not like you read them, had a cared and you can move on with your life, at least not after every one of them. You see, many times i find myself about to go to sleep and then remembering some of the phrases of these stories and i’ll freak out, i’ll start to be afraid, even though i may have read it a few weeks ago.

In my opinon, for a person to manage that kind of fear in another person, apart of being quite evil, it’s pretty genius. I mean, some of these people have some amazing talent for telling horror stories…. i wonder if some of them even thought about writing in a more serious way …

Am i thinking too deep into this? Yeah.. maybe, but i cannot stop thinking about some of the stuff that still haunt me to this moment, when i’m writing this…

Let me tell you why i was even thinking about all this… While at work the other day i was listening to creepypastas on youtube and there was one that was extremely good, something about seeing new faces, i totally love it… another one i liked very much was one about a tv show called Candle Cove, of which i think every time i pass through the bathroom at home (i have no idea why).

So, when thinking about some creepypastas i enjoyed very much, and some others i wish i’d never seen (and their pictures, which i hate), i figured many people won’t ever know who wrote those stories…. they are everywhere on the internet and since they want to appear as urban legends it may get difficult to find the origin – or I’m just an idiot-and i think these people, the ones that worked on these creepy stories should get the credit for their work.

I mean, soe people wrote worst things and got full credit, went viral and got famous, why people that can write such creepy sotires can’t? or maybe they do i only i don’t know about it or something.. i’m rambling, aren’t i?

I’ll better leave it here for now

‘Til Next Time 😉



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