Lost in translation

A few days ago i went to my local bookstore to buy some books. Now, normally i would order them only, but the post it’s terrible in my city, so lately i’ve been buying books in a regular store…. yes, i do realize taht this way it’s more expensive, but at least, i get them within a week or two.

Anyway, since i was already there i decided on checking up all the store (i do hat a lot), even the shelves that aren’t in English (aka; my shelves)… To my surprise, i discovered that City of Lost Souls was recently translated… This was odd, since i thought the would be all translated by now, but then i thought, maybe i hadn’t see it before, i ust missed it.

But no, let me tell you the copyright in the translation was of 2016 which felt a little odd to me. A few months ago, in October, Rick Riordan’s new book “Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer” was translated within a week, yes, within a week. <- I rememeber this totally bothering me because before i started reading in Enlighs i could never find anything good to read because translators and the printing press don’t care about young readers much.

For years, it bothered me, and it still does.

To be honest, i was looking for paperback copies of Half Bad and Half Wild since i only have them for kindle (and as audiobooks), and then after looking and looking for it i thought, well, maybe they were translated? they are great books after all, and since they started translating -recently- stuff as The Raven Boys, The Selection and Fallen Kingdoms, i thought, maybe we are getting somewhere.

I found they translated all the ‘After’ books and a lot of books like 50 shades of grey, but nothing remotely close to something like Half Bad.

It’s not that I would’ve bought it, well, maybe i would,.. but suddenly the idea of all these people that don’t know English not being able to enjoy so many great books seemed very sad to me. I mean,

I mean, i’ve read lately so many great books that weren’t translated or some that were published so much time after (like when i started reading Percy Jackson, about two years after it was released) and all that time they were and still are missing some great stories.

A few weeks ago i was talking to this gal at work and she asked me what’s my favorite book. I told her that All The Bright Places is my favorite book, and that she should read it, but she doesn’t read in English, so there’s no way she’ll be reading it anytime soon, unless they miraclesly translate it already.

So, yes, basically since i’m the only person i know that reads in English close to me, and i’m the only one that knows a little what’s going on in the world of new releases, oi end up being completely alone, with no one to talk about books i completely loved.

I know most people don’t care about books the way i do, i care about them way too much … but you know, there are some people waiting for ‘the book’ to come to their lives and change it, but they may never be able lo enjoy it because they cannot read English and the books will never see the light in their language.

I don’t know maybe i’m too dramatic (of course i am) but i really wish people enjoyed reading a little more.. all i see now when sitting on the bus is people texting or watching youtube on their phones…

I do realize that a few more translations won’t change much, but i’m quite sure some kids need to find the one book for them so they can become avid readers… or so i think, i don’t know…

I think i’ll leave it here for now..

‘Til Next Time 😉


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