Reminiscing Monday #5: The Gospel According To Larry

It’s Monday once again and  i’m here with this section in which i’ll be talking about Books, Shows and Movies i’ve read/seen a while ago but because of reasons i haven’t talked about them in the blog before.

Here i’ll review mostly from the feelings and impressions these left in me back in the day and what i can remember to this day.

And today, i wanna talk to you about:

The Gospel According To Larry by Janet Tashjian

The Gospel According to LarryI guess we all have books that changed the way we act and live our lives. When i was 16 my aunt gave me a  book that changed my life forever.Here’s to the book that changed the way

Here’s to the book that changed the way i saw the world when i was a teenager, The Gospel According To Larry.

Telling the story of a teenager that with a blog full of his ideas changed the lives of many others, The Gospel According to Larry isn’t just another YA book.

Josh was a regular guy feeling that society was being wronged by itself with all the capitalism and the bullcrap that follows. Then one day he decided to open a blog and share his ideas, this blog soon became a phenomenon among young people that felt the need and want to change the world.

Even staying anonymous by calling himself Larry, his life as much as the people around him and all around the country would change forever.

This is the book that opened my eyes to the world.

The next few months after receiving the book i read and reread it, always finding myself in the book, as much as an inspiration for  becoming a better human being, a better person. I saw the wrongness of materialism and started understanding how the world worked a little better and what to expect from it.

At the age of 16 i believed the book meant and taught me how life it’s supposed to be, saying not to capitalism and material stuff as the main character on the book, keeping my personal belongings as little as possible (until i developed the obsession of buying too many books), interchanging them when i wanted something new….

I have no idea why my aunt gave me the book, but i’m guessing it was pretty random …. going to a bookstore and asking for a book a computer addict would like or something, … so i always believed the universe sent me the book (yes, i do believe in stuff like that.. sorry to disappoint), and it came to me at the perfect time…

Taking about the universe, in the book, the main character’s mother died before the story started, so, when he wanted to receive advice from her he used to visit her favorite place ask the question and wait for the first person passing by and what they said.. i adopted this idea, not with my mom, because she is alright (tfoo, tfoo, tfoo – touch wood), but with the universe, whenever i need an answer for something i ask my question out loud and wait for the first words i hear after.

But, apart of how convincing the book was, it was a really easy going reading, the story is interesting, written in a young style and very fun. I think it is a book that many young people would enjoy.. sadly i’ve never found anyone talking about this book, yes the only other person i know that read it is my stepdad, who read it because i gave the book to him a while back… he didn’t enjoy it as much as i did…


Anyway, it’s a shame people haven’t read this great book, i hope one day it’ll get to many more people… even if the sequel wasn’t as good as the first book (this being the reason of me being afraid of reading the last book of this ‘trilogy’), i think it’s a great reading for teenagers and young people.

And that’s all my lovelies, hope you find it interesting !

‘Til next time 😉





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