Little Message

Hey guys, this is a message for you just so you know i’m leaving on a cruise today with my family, so i’ll be absent for the next five/six days… i prepared posts for the week, but i won’t be really active, meaning… i won’t be able to participate, read your comments, your posts and such… so sorry… i’ll do my best to catch up when i’m back!

Most of the regular posts will be posted, except for the newly Friday Finds snce i won’t be able to connect and also, i don’t believe i’ll be able to buy books… u.u, as for Top 5 Wednesday and my #Reminiscing Monday, they’ll be posted…

I hope you like what  i prepared for you this week guys, i’ve been working on the posts for a while now..

I’ll miss a lot checking my Reader dash and reading your stuff, ’cause you guys are amazing and i really enjoy being a little part of it…

This sounds as if i was leaving forever… it’s just a week, even less than that.. but the blog became such an important part of my life in this past few months, i’ll miss it a lot…

Anyway, guys, have a great week!

Love you lots 😀


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