Old Friend Revisited #3: Evangelion


In the year 1995, an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion was broadcast in Japan, … soon enough it became a huge success not only in it’s country but worldwide…

The idea it’s simple ;

Years after  a huge cataclism killed most of humanity,  weird beasts called ‘Angels’ appeared and started trying to destroy what’s left. A few chosen ones need to stop them before the manage to annihilate all humans… The only possible saviors, young teenagers piloting huge mechas that can fight the angels and kill them…

Now, Evangelion wasn’t just about mechas and destruction, but
about the psychology behind the characters, especially the main character Shinji Ikari, a young boy with a lot of issues…

When did you start watching the show?

I started watching the anime when i was about 10 years old.

Why did you started watching it?

To be honest it was completely random, a week before i discovered Saber Marionette J and i liked it, but it was really late in the night and i wasn’t allowed to stay up, so my stepdad recorded it, but the week he did it there was an Evangelion marathon, so i started watching it and it looked interesting so i kept watching until the end.

When did you knew you love the show so much it’d become a favorite?

I guess when i just bing watched all the episodes that were recorded (about 15)… since that moment i just loved it…

How many times did you watch the show?

Oh, too many to count (as any other thing i love.. i watch it too much), it was in a loop on tv, so every month i started watching it again.. it’s weird, because i did anything to not miss any episode even when i had them all taped,i run home every afternoon to watch the “new” episode.

Who is your favorite character?

Asuka Langley Soryu HQ Wallpaper Asuka Langley Souryu Shinikami had always been one of my all time favorites and obviously my favorite from the anime itself. I liked the fact that she was a redhead like me, i liked her eva the most – it wasred and cool and she was awesome, because she was so smart (like, she graduated from an university by the age of 14)… also she has a temperament, and back then, i had one myself, so i felt like i could be like her or something… now, i obviously understand life better and all, but i still find her character fascinating, so i still really like her.

Who is your least favorite character?

 Ritsuko Akagi –  …

yeah, i know, how can i choose her when Gendo Ikari exists… but he was a great haracter, even as a crazy little (huge) s*** as he was… i acutally really enjoy his character, not so much Ritsuko, whom i never liked … she … i actually kind of always hated her, and hated what she did to Rei.. anyway, she annoys me to no end, so yes, i’m saying she is my least favorite ..




Favorite angel?

 Leliel, or whatever its name is, … i have no idea why i like it so much, i just know that its episode is my favorite one, all that happens in the episode and the aftermath of it… oh, and the way it’s killed… Now, looking at the picture i realize that’s not the angel’s real body, but you get the idea…if you watch the series and its episode you’ll see what i mean… Also, a second one that i really love is obviously Tabris … i won’t spoil anything.

Least favorite angel?

 Matariel , … i don’t like this angel or its episode, the thing looks like a freaking spider and i hate spiders, so i hate it…i just hate it.






One thing you just totally loved;

All the meaning behind even the little things, the names of the agencies ‘nerv’, ‘seele’, ‘gerihn’ (nerv, soul and brain respectively), the name of the angels being related of some aspect of the anel itself and so many little details in the series that it’s incredible to believe all that was random.. .there’s a guide to all the stuff mentioned on the show, i have a copy – it’s just great.


One thing you disliked;

The fact that for so long somany things were unanswered, and also that we had to wait soo long for the manga to be finished…

Would you recommend it?

Not to everyone, but if i know a person may enjoy this kind of story, well, of course, this is a gem of anime, sadly, so many won’t watch it because it’s a ‘cartoon’ … but it guess it’s their problem, not mine.


Any last words about the show?

I still watch it sometimes, its obviously in my top 1o and my top 5 (and my top 3), it’s ananime i enjoyed and keep enjoying, as i keep discovering little things whenever i watch it. As i said, this was an anime gem that many love, and many hate, and think it’s overrated.. to be honest, i don’t know and i cannot really be a judge of it because i grew up with it, and i totally love it.

Hope you may find the show interesting!

‘Til Next Time 😉




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