Resolutions update #4

Oh man, this month is killing me.

So, i’m still in this huge, horrible slump… i cannot get past through it, even though i managed to read a few books after Half Lost, i’m still grieving and i just can’t.

It’s like every time i manage to finish reading a book i go like “oh god, i cannot keep reading anymore” and sit for day staring at the books in my shelves, wanting to read them but unable to do so…

I decided on trying the shortest ones, maybe shorter books will work better for now, but suddenly they don’t seem so interesting and so i just don’t read.

Anyway, i started trying reading Hamlet, as my classic of the month, and the second play by Shakespeare which are both part of my resolutions (Read a classic every month/Read 2 Shakespeare’s plays), since it only one piece and it’s fullfilling two goals, i’m still not sure if i’m not actually cheating myself…this is getting more difficult than expected. Anyway, I’m finding it more interesting than Macbeth, at last for now, so i think i’ll make it through.

I went to the library last week and found two interesting non-fiction books, one about conspiracies and the other about what’s going on in the middle east…with a little luck one of those will be the fourth non-fiction i’ll be reading this year and so i’ll be completing that goal (Read at least 4 non-fiction books).

About the “Finish reading a series i put on hold“, i think i’ve actually done it by reading Half Wild & Half Lost, although i should count it only if and  when i read the novellas…

All my other resolutons are quite behind, i’m not finishing a good trilogy to read, and i need three of those… the ones i started… i’m not sure i want to eep reading them…

To be honest, it’s been a weird year, in comparation to last year, i haven’t found many books that actually blew my mind, … last year i had so many new favorites and now it’s getting difficult to even read. Man, this is bad.

I’m still haven’t read manga this year, …. actually i’m not watching anime either, i starting to get worried…

And well, those are the updates i have for now, i’m still looking for The Great Gatsby, but i cannot find it anywhere, so it’s still on hold, it will be one of the classics i read this year! (i hope).

‘Til Next Time 😉






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