TBR for the month?

In which i talk a lot, have nothing to say and don’t make a TBR or do I?

I’m always checking up my reader, yes, i have no idea how to call it, but it’s sort of the dashboard in tumblr only here, and i’m not sure what to call…

Anyway, that’s not what i wanted to talk about.

So, i follow quite a lot of blogs, most of them book blogs, and each month, at the beginning of it i see that many of them manage to prepare for themselves a TRB for the month, and they actually manage to go through with it the way the planned.

I’m always completely amazed by these people, and i’m saying this seriously. I have no idea how they manage to actually decide before they know how will they be feeling which books will they be able to read.

I mean, yes, my TBR is full of books, but they mostly stay there, because i may want to read X book, but my mood won’t be the right one to read that book, and so the book will sit forever in my list.

It’s so weird, even if i wanted to make a TBR for the month, the changes in my mood would never let me do what i planned.

Actually the past month, and this one too, i prepared a TBR, just to see if i could go through it before everything feels bad and i cannot read at all.

Last month i had a TBR with 10 titles;

  • Kindred Spirits
  • Lady Midnight
  • Half Lost
  • Half Lies/Half Truths
  • Animal Farm
  • Fjord Blue
  • You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)
  • Seven Ways We Lie
  • The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

Of which i managed about half of them, but this before i got stuck in a slump in which i needed something completely different of the stuff in my TBR…. I wonder, what do you do if you have a bunch of books in your TBR but you just found one that you have to read asap? Because it happened to me with Cinder last month, and i dropped everything off the list, and after that i couldn’t go back to the books on the list.

It seems these lists aren’t just for everyone, i guess i’m sort of a mood reader or something, so it depends on how i’m feeling for me to decide which book i’ll be reading next.

To be honest, i wish i could decide ahead of time and so i could start finally reading the book i already own instead of keep on buying new ones i just discovered i need.

It becomes even difficult to go to the library, because yes, i feel a certain way when choosing the books but afterward, i’ll sit at home, looking and them and i’ll ask ‘why the hell did i brought these books?’ and i won’t be able to read them.

I guess part of me being a mood reader explains why do i want always to finish reading a book in a day or two, what if my mood changes and i cannot keep reading? It happens, a lot .. my put aside list of books is huge, and i’m completely ashamed of that.

I think, what i’m trying to say here is (nothing) i totally love the TBR lists, and i sort of envy the people that can go with that, but as much as i love having everything prepared ahead of time, there’s one thing i cannot plan.

Wow, that’s just a revelation for me, really.. I’m such an order freak, but only now i understand why it bothers me so much that i cannot schedule the books i’ll be reading in the month, oh my.

Anyway, well, yeah….so i’m a mood reader and i may never be able to prepare and plan a list of books to read on the month, but at least, i keep on reading, which is the most important thing i guess??

Just to be sure, i’ll keep planning ahead until June to see if i can make it work.. wish me luck!

And you? Do you have a TBR for each month? if so, how do you manage it?!

‘Til Next Time!






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