Had writers run out of ideas?

I was watching Fuller House the other day, taking a break from my Full House binge (…) when i started to see patterns on the episodes. I mean, they were at moments parallel to the old ones. When i caught this i could not help myself but ask are they doing this because they want the watchers to feel at home with the beloved characters or because they couldn’t think about any new ideas?

use I wouldn’t have thought of the second option if it wasn’t because lately there had been a lot of reboots and useless remakes. And yes, i like the reboot of Full House, because i really love the characters (and seeing John Stamos is always good), but i’m kinda worried and i couldn’t help but ask myself,

Had writers run out of ideas?

There’s this theory that in the world exist only 7 stories archetypes, which says that every story ever develops from one of the seven basic plots. You can totally understand why this could happen.

A while ago i found myself surprised by the fact that people around the world may be thinking the exact line of thought i do, even when we don’t know each other.. and that’s just weird. Like, the human mind has so much they can create, so why wouldn’t it apply to ideas for plots and such. Like there aren’t about 700 crime tv shows that all look the same.

Is that why there are so many tv shows now based on books and movies? Like, the writers of tv shows have no creativity anymore, are they using the last few ideas created  by humankind and developing them to entertain us? Well, that would explain so much reality show these days, but more important…

Is humanity really running out of ideas?

… Man, thinking about this is totally scary, think about how literature will look in another 100 years, … if writers are retelling their own books changing povs and genders thesse days, imagine when wannabe authors of the next century use those books to create some ‘literature’ … yes, i know it’s already happening with all the fanfiction being published as books already… man, the future is screwed.

I mean, is it really happening are we out of ideas? or people is just becoming lazy? … I understand that people would love to see their beloved characters again in new situations, but aren’t they overdoing it? like, is every tv show from the early 90s’ getting a reboot?

In my opinion, they are way out of line, …and don’t get me wrong, if there’s someone that can understand loving and getting too attached to characters …that is totally me, but hey, if you are willing to revive something, at least be creative about it, otherwise why would i bother?

Say, remakes of movies from the early 00s’, do they really need to be done? Are you for real? If you cannot think of a good sequel, then leave it alone, nothing good can come from it.

Then there are the good sequels, even when you see the same plots in the movies, … i remember reading a lot about how The Force Awakens was a copy of A New Hope, but there i think, it was on purpose, and it was extremely well done. Also, the story varied enough so it wouldn’t really be a rip off its own predecessor.

Yes, that happens, a lot.

So, which one is the real answer? … which one do you believe is the real reason? Have we touch bottom, are humans out of ideas or are they making easy money out of us? …

I personally think the second seems more probable..

And that’s all for now, sure i’ll be talking about this topic more, i think it’s enough for today…

‘Til Next Time 😉



One thought on “Had writers run out of ideas?

  1. I believe that we haven’t run out of ideas, just that the creativity in us is being drained away! Of course in history we are bound to repeat ourselves, but the sky is the limit when we are talking about imagination 🙂

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