Resolutions’ Update 3

March is coming to its end, i cannot believe it…

This has been a slow month, i haven’t read  much, mostly because i’ve been binging Full House and Fuller House tumblr_inline_ncy795zGhN1qen4yd …

Anyway, I’m glad i managed to read Lady Midnight fairly quickly, I’m looking forward to Half Lost (coming up the 29th), and i’ve already read my classic of the month! which is a new (no the book, but the fact that i already did it) … This month I read Animal Farm by George Orwell, i’ll talk about in my wrap up of the month, right now i’ll just say it was a great and eye-opener reading.

I’m thinking about which classic to read next month, but i cannot decide, it’s too difficult … i’m afraid of choosing the wrong one and then hating it.

I tried to make a tbr this month, but apparently i’m a mood reader, i may have a ton of boooks waiting for me and a little list saying to me “hey! we are the books you are supposed to read next!” but then i’ll be like … “but i’m not in the mood for happy stuff, go away!” and i won’t be able to read the books in the tbr …. I’ll be talking about tbrs later next month, because that’s something that really got me thinking…

I’m looking for a good non-fiction to read next, … if you have any good recommendations i’ll be more than happy that take them, because i’m out of ideas…so, please, if there’s any good non-fiction book you recently read and like, let me know!

About my other new year’s resolutions… and the blog itself, i’ve been worried about running out of ideas of what to write about, so i’m working on making the blog a little more structured, i hope it’ll work… i’m supposed to write at least three times a week and for now, i’m doing a good job at posting more than three times a week, but who knows what could happen? Oh yes! so, from April on, be prepared for some new stuff coming to the blog, i hope you’ll enjoy it and i’ll be able to manage all the stuff… hehehe.

Anyway, … even though i wasn’t planning on participating on the Goodreads challenge this year, somehow i ended up deciding on reading 52, just for good measure, like one book a week but i read more than that, i’m about 33/52 already, although i’m not quite sure comics and graphic novels should count (?) what do you think? why was i saying this? .. i forgot already .. nevermind…

Anyway, i think that’s all for this  update,

‘Til next time 😉




3 thoughts on “Resolutions’ Update 3

  1. I’ve been binge watching Full House (I’m watching it right now lol) too. Hope you are enjoying it. Loved reading your post.

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