Old Friend Revisited #2: The Simpsons

Emulating the real life of a regular family and city, The Simpsons are more than just a TV show, they are an icon of Western culture… From the very first season, and to this very day, the Simpsons represent everything we are as a society. With more than 20 seasons and a humor that crosses countries The Simpsons are here to stay, hopefully, for a very long time.

So, as you may have already understood …Today i want to share a little about my history with one of my favorite tv shows of all time, The Simpsons!

When did you start watching the show?

I’m pretty sure i’ve been watching the show since… forever … I remember being little and already wanting to get to Lisa’s age. The reruns on public tv had been there since i remember myself. I remember watching it on “TELEFE” an Argentinian channel Monday to Friday at 5pm (if  i recall it right). Heck a few months ago a show my mother watches was cancelled and when i asked her what will they put instead she was like “they my put The Simpsons’ reruns, that’s what they always do”, so yeah… Simpsons, Simpsons everywhere.

Why did you started watching it?

Well, it was just there all the time, so i’m guessing i just watched it because there was nothing else, but i ended up really liking the show, i mean, i LOVE the show.

When did you knew you love the show so much it’d become a favorite?

I’m not sure, because as i said, i’ve been watching it forever, but i guess the moment i didn’t mind i’ve already watched the episode running and rewatching it and enjoying it as if it was the first time.

How many times did you watch the show?

Too many to count, i’m serious, i gave up counting the times when i was about 10, and t’ s been almost 16 years since then…. also, i rewatch the show pretty much every two years (at least) and i mean i rewatch all the episodes, yes.

Who is your favorite character?

pawlorpaul: this is the last time I bring these two to bed at the same time Nothing good has ever come from reading William L. Shirer before bed.

Lisa is without doubt one of the most influential characters in my life, i’ve been wanting to be her since i was little and i tried my best to be as close to her as possible… I guess since i’m the middle child as her i’ve always thought i should be her, but as i grew up i just found out i’m like her without even trying. I like the way she is, how she presents the racional thinking in the show, the fact that she is so smart ad her love for books and music, when still loving dolls, ponies and childish things. So, i guess she is my favorte character, most because i see so much on her, not only her being a simple character in a cartoon show, but a well rounded person.


Lisa and I have so much in common.


This is your default reaction to life.
Way too much…




Who is your least favorite character?

I don’t think i have one… okay, maybe the two aliens…. but only because they drool a lot and that’s just gross. Okay, Homer does too, but the aliens are freaking green and remind me of snakes which i hate.

Favorite season?

I don’t know, probably the first 15 seasons are my favorites, mostly because i find them to be the funniest.

Least favorite season?

mmm, it’s not like there’s one specific, because all the seaons have epsiodes i really laugh to, but in the last couple of seasons i found less episodes to laugh a lot about.. so i guess the last few seasons are least favorites.

One thing you just totally loved;

I really like the Halloween specials

One thing you disliked;

I totally hated the crossover with Family Guy, it felt so cheap.

Would you recommend it?

If you haven’t watched the Simpsons, i don’t understand where have you been living for the last two and a half decades! even aliens know about the show!  Even so, where i live people don’t seem to appreciate the show enough, people here prefer Family Guy, but okay… they loss.

I would recommend the show to anyone that wants to have a great laugh, the show is amazing and the characters are incredibly real and lovable!

Any last words about the show?

I love The Simpsons, and i know they aren’t as funny as they used to be, but the show is still great, i don’t know maybe i’m too invested in it to have a truthful opinion, but i’ve been watching it all my life and i’m too attached to the characters. I’ll watch the show until the very last episode, or my last day (whichever comes first).


And that’s all for now my lovelies! I hope you liked it, and if you haven’t watch The Simpsons yet, go watch it!

‘Til Next Time 😉



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