Enduring a boring job

My job is horribly boring, all i do all day is type, type and type… I wouldn’t mind it much if the talks there were, at least, normal and civilized, but for some reason, i cannot understand the people i work with are pretty much the worst. From cataloging 50 Shades of Grey as the best trilogy

From cataloging 50 Shades of Grey as the best trilogy ever written to racism anyone should be ashamed of, listening to them is like a nightmare, a horrible 8 hours and a half long nightmare.

So, because i may be crazy but not that much, i had to develop a strategy to keep them away from my ears. Trying to reasoning with them proved to be just a waste of time.

In case you still have no idea what i’m here to talk about, i decided to share the ways you can save your sanity if you find yourself in a situation like mine.

  • Podcasts are always good.

Listening to some podcast can be a life saver, this was the first solution i found when i started working at my office, back when the only problem i had was the ‘click, clikc click’  from typing that was driving me nuts.

There are an incredible amount of podcast styles, from serious talks to science fiction story telling, i found amuzing to listen to podcast that taught me stuff, i personally recommend all the podcast from howstuffworks.com, they have great and a large amount of different podcasts such as; Stuff you missed in history class (my favorite), Stuff you should know, Stuff to blow your mind and Stuff they don’t want you to know.

You can also find some incredible podcasts as Welcome To Night Vale and Thrilling Adventure Hour.

  • Radio is not dead!

A while back i would have asked who would be still listening to radio these days, but when at work, radio can be a great solution to passing the time. Radio has still so much to offer, talk shows and music, a lot of fun can be found there.

Personally i recommend it more than just listening to music because that way after a while you’ll end up hating your favorite music but not when you listen to all the music (even those you don’t particularly like) and then at a random moment your favorite song pops up!

News and talk shows are a way to keep it interesting too, since it varies more than music, it’s a good way to keep you awake!

  • Youtubers are fun

Lately, i’ve been listening to youtubers while at work, obviously if you have awork like mine, where you are looking at a computer all the time you have to find youtubers that mostly talk and don’t make videos you need to watch… for instance i find booktubers and their book reviews a great way of passing the time because you just have to listen to them really..

Also, i enjoy listening to creepy stories and creepypastas, but it may look weird if you listen to a screamer and jump, even when you aren’t watching… it happens to me once in a while, but aftera while if you know the youtuber you are listening to, you learn to understand when is the screamer coming and you are not surprised…

  • Audiobooks are books, only someone read them to you.

If your job is like mine, you don’t really need to concentrate much on the work you are doing, you just type mechanically, so you can use the hours that could go to waste and instead use them to listen to audiobooks. This is a great way to catch up with books you really want to read, after all this is like reading a book, only someone else is doing it for you.

Personally i love listening to audiobooks, because then i feel i did something more useful that the monotone typing… Also, there are some incredible narrators, for example, listening to Neil Gaiman narrating it’s AMAZING. There are some other great narrators, you just have to check you enjoy listening to their voices before you buy the audiobooks, because you may end up hating the narrator and then not enjoying the book.

  • Netflix and other online watching options.

Last month i decided on purchasing netflix so i can listen to shows while at work,  i cannot watch it, but it’s pretty great, i mostly *rewatch* old shows and pick up with Shadowhunters on Wednesday instead of waiting until i get home in the afternoon. Obviously i have to be cautious because if my boss finds out he’ll take away my phone privileges, and all, but i ain’t watching, so i don’t know for sure…

There are also some other options, there’s projectfreetv for instance, where you can find a lot of tv shows, and even in youtube there are some movies and shows to watch, you just look for a god site and listen the hell out of any show. Sadly i still cannot watch anime …


And well, those are the ways  i keep myself *sane* at work, you could alsofind some normal people and talk to them, but at least at my work place they prefer we work in silenc, like robots, so most of the time i’m with my headphones on.

And that’ all!! ‘Til Next Time 😉






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