Confessions of a Shipperholic #3: From OTP to NOTP

It’s been a while since i last wrote about my shipping obsessions, so i figured it was about time to come back to it.

This time i wanna talk about all the ships i once shipped but ended up disliking. Well, more than disliking to be honest i ended up discouraged by them.

What the hell do I even mean, you ask?

There are two reasons for me to start disliking an otp;

  1. The writer/author ruin them by writing stuff that feels just wrong.
  2. When being adapted to a tv show/movie and the actors seem to be a  little uncomfortable by the ship.

Now, let’s talk about those two reasons a little and maybe i’ll give some examples.

Writers that ruin ships – 

Yes, this is actually a whole topic, i hope i’ll be able to develop by itself. Bu basicaly, as i discussed before, sometimes i start shipping a ship before they become a thing, mostly because of the chemistry between the characters and my avid imagination, which it’s wonderful. Only, wonderful things don’t last long.

  • When the chemistry disappears

Sometimes the waiting for a ship it’s so long and so stressing (like happened for me in

Booth and Brennan decide to go forward with the wedding.  Photo: FOX
Booth x Brennan my classical “from OTP to NOTP”

Bones – BoothxBones) that when the couple become a thing it doesn’t live up to the hype, it starts to feel forced and unnatural. Like, they were completely jealous and wanted the other one, so why now it feels forced and ridiculous.


To be honest, when Booth and Bones married a while ago, i felt so disturbed by how it looked i had to check back some episodes to be sure i was seen something before. I ended up seen that yes, even in the first episode i was like“OMG ARE THEY GONNA BE A THING? I NEED THIS, I NEED THIS SHIP”. But now it’s just, “OMG, GET A DIVORCE, I CANNOT KEEP SEEN THIS”.

This makes me feel a little betrayed, i spent so many year, shipping them, that now it feel horrible and all i want is for it to be over… My babies, i loved them so much for so long, what are you doing to them?!

  • When the storylines become ridiculous

I used to be a huge fan of Glee. Yes, the story was never the greatest, but it had a couple of OTP that back in the day i loved more than my life. Well, i loved them until the storylines became so terrible and my OTPs kept breaking up one, twice, three times, i just couldn’t stand it anymore. Yes, for years my biggest OTP was Klaine,the first time they broke up i was like “NO MY BABIES COME BACK TOGETHER, YOU BELONG TOGETHER I JUST CAN’T”, the second time i was like no, why are you doing this again?”, and if i remember right, there was a third time i saw them breaking up, and i was like, “okay,  that’s it, three is the charm, i’m dropping glee”. Which is sad, because there were so many characters i loved there,though to be honest by then one of them was already off the show, Mike Chang, and the other was was half of my broken OTP, Blaine Anderson.

How about some Bike Chanderson?

I mean, at the end of the day i felt like the writers didn’t have more ideas for a couple to have as a problem than cheating and then breaking up, or some idiocy like that, also, all the ships had pretty much the same problems… All the time.

I did watch though the wedding episode, because Britanna and such, but i felt to betrayed by the writers of what then was my favorite show, why couldn’t the come up with some inventive problems for the ships of the show. I was so angry i promised i’ll never watch anything made by them again… little do i have to say about the fact that Scream Queens was an awesome show…. tumblr_inline_ndypyvbFjw1rk7l06, i was weak, okay?

  • When the characters become too OOC

I don’t have many examples for this one, but sometimes characters become someone else

Shamy, can you not? stop ruining my ship.

so they can fit their “mate” and it just feels wrong for me. The only character i can think about like this right now is Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. I know his character developed through the seasons, but something happened this season like they needed urgently for things to happen and he ended up (spoiler, maybe, wait and read only from the next paragraph) sleeping with Amy before they got married? really? that felt so not Sheldonian for me, i was offended.


So, sometimes it’s like the writers say “okay, so people want it, let’s betray our character and do this thing already”.

Don’t, Just DON’T.

I was so invested in a character that i could relate to in so many ways, what the heck?! is that so freaking important that he will change so suddenly, a character like him will change so suddenly, are you kidding me?

Perfect Shamy moment.


When the actors don’t want you to think about them like that – 

And now, about the actors that play the characters, here i won’t give examples for the simple reason that when i was given examples it ruined my ships for me many ships.

I understand that sometimes a character may develop in a different way that expected, particularly when the story has been on for a long while. Then i can totally understand an actor not wanting for something to be canon or so. Many characters had developed in strange ways along the way, but for a ship to feel so canon on the shop only so then the actors can deny and feel uncomfortable with the things the fans

Many characters had developed in strange ways along the way, but for a ship to feel so canon on the shop only so then the actors can deny and feel uncomfortable with the things the fans wrtie, talk and ask it’s a big no for me. Whenever i see an actor uncomfortable with what’s going on, i’ll stop shipping, because it just doesn’t feel right. And let me tell you that one of my biggest OTP fell off because of that.

But, the ones that i actually cannot understand are those that from the beginning are suppose to become a thing and then you see the actors like, “yikes”. And something like that almost ruined one of my most important OTPs back in the day, but it all ended up great somehow, obviously i imagine different people than those two now, but you know… awkward.

And well, my lovelies, that’s all for today, i hope you you enjoyed my randomness and please do tell, is there any reason an OTP of your becomes a NOTP?

See you soon!




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