Post of Shame – Update

Hello, everyone! Since we are already midway through March and looking back at my amazon account i decided to give an update on my buying books problem!

Last time i talked about it i was ashamed of myself because i couldn’t help myself and ended up buying about 42 books in a month. Since then I’ve been doing my best trying to be strong and stopping myself from buying books reckelessly.

So, now i’m glad to announce you that since that crazy month i’ve been doing pretty good really. Yes, i cannot stop myself from buying books at all, but hey in the last two months i bought a total of; 7 books!

  • Kindred Spirits (pre-ordered because it was really cheap) – Rainbow Rowell
  • Lady Midnight (it’s pre-ordered, i couldn’t stop myself, i need to read this asap) – Cassandra Clare
  • Passenger – Alexandra Bracken
  • Half Lost (it’s the last book in the trilogy, i pre-ordered it, i need it asap) – Sally Green
  • Vicious – V.E. Schwab
  • Half truths – Sally Green / I also got Half lies but in Spanish and it was for free!!
  • Gathering of Shadows (pre-ordered, i don’t know why i couldn’t finish the previous one..)   – V.E. Schwab

Also, i suscribed to the public library near my home, so any books i’ll be reading the next few months, apart of the ones i need to pre-order: The Hidden Oracle and The Raven King will be either from my own or the public library!

yay me!

and that’s all for now! have a  great day!

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