Resolutions’ Update #2

The month is close to ending, so i decided to check up on my new year resolutions to know how am i doing so far. To be completely honest i don’t know what i was expecting, but not what i found out…

First, the idea of reading a classic a month sounded pretty easy, it’s just one book a month, but then i realized that it’s so difficult for me to care about the characters and the lifestyle in the books i chose is killing me, maybe i should find more *modern* classics, if that’s a thing, this far i’m about to finish reading Pride and Prejudice, but not without some struggle, if i end up saying i loved the book and happy because of that, count me super surprised too.

I read my second non-fiction book this month, Columbine by Dave Cullen, it’s a little cheating because i’ve been trying to read this book on and off for about three months, but hey, it’s over now (what a lucky pal i am, my only problem is with the book and not the real thing, which was terrible).

Yes i’m counting The Amazing Book is Not On Fire as a non-fiction because it’s about the lives of Phil and Dan… It’s a sort of a memoir, so in my mind, it counts. Maybe the next non-fiction will be You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day, i was also thinking about A Mother’s Reckoning by Sue Klebold, but the topic was such a kick to my stomach while reading Columbine, i’m not sure… I still want to buy it though, as i understand the money is donated to [i can’t remember where to, sorry].

I found a loophole on my resolutions because i said i want to read books i already own, but if i bought it last month, but read it this month, i’ve owned the book for about a month, does it count? i’mm not quite sure, so i decided that for it to be counted the book has to been bought last year at least… So this month i read ….. 2 books i’v owned since last year; The Magicians and Half Wild.

As for the rest of my resolutions, my book resolutions …  the ones i’m talking here about …. i haven’t done any of those yet…. Like, i haven’t even choose the mangas i’ll be reading, picked up only one trilogy i can finish this year and i’m not sure i want to keep on reading it… we’ll see, i guess. I decided on the rereads, but haven’t staretd yet. I bought the Amber Spyglass, the last book from His Dark Materials trilogy, so i can finish the trilogy, but now i’m not sure if i’ll do it… i mean, i don’t want it to nd, i liked the first two books so much, i’m scared. Also, I’m scared that if i finish the trilogy i might die.

Anyway, those are the updates.. nothing much i guess…. but have a great day!






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