Book Talk: The Magicians by Lev Grossman

The Magicians (The Magicians, #1)To be honest, at first, I wanted to write a review about the book… it was back then when i was about 1/4 way through the book.. back when i didn’t feel betrayed and annoyed by it.

So after thinking about it a lot, to write or not to write a review? i decided on just talking about it, on why i’m so upset about it and such… so yeah, it may contain spoilery stuff, though i normally don’t share spoilers.

Let’s talk about the book a little.

So, the book is set (at first) in a magical university. This may sound like a sort of rip off of other magic related books, but it was so incredibly creative, the way magic and the studies and the school as a whole are… i loved it. Even though there were so many places where the author could have fall into cliches, it doesn’t happen.

I also started loving the character, i thought Quentin was simply adorable. I particularly loved Penny, which i wished was more prominent in the book … i guess in a way he  was anyway… nevermind.

To be honest, since this is a trilogy i thought the story will split the five years of school between them, but at some point of the first book (the physical one, not the books within the book) the pals graduate and start living the real world.

I found it to be pretty interesting, until they became such douches, out in the world, living in New York, not working or doing anything important. They just get wasted, well, they did it in school too, and it was pretty annoying, but i guess that’s a real portrait of the youth … not me anyway.

I understand the idea behind not everything happening when in school, that’s such a cliche, and why people never close the damn schools? But i was not expecting the way things turned out.

Also, why do i even bother investing myself in relationships when they are all a real portrait of *life*, i mean, they acted as any person in their twenties, so why would love be a cliche in the book? love doesn’t last forever, i know it, i understand it and yet, …. argh.

Pretty much in the beginning of the book Quentin met Eliot, who is gay and at some point Quentin saw him with some guy and he questioned himself if he was sort of jealous or something like that, and i thought that was going somewhere, but to my disappointment, i didn’t. Quentin ended up with the plain boring Alice, who has the appeal of a dried cactus and so it goes, for a while.

The thing is their story was so well written i was starting to root for them and then it all when to hell, like,  what the heck?! it annoyed me so much,  and i got so mad with the characters i wanted to just throw the book away from me as far as possible, i just wanted to rip it off or something.

Luckily i managed to find strength to finish it, and to be honest, … why did i even bother?  You know, i think the idea is amazing, but at moments the book was so random and unexpectedly wild, i couldn’t handle myself.

Also, when i was liking the ending, it suddenly became a HELL NO, like, man, i understand what you are doing here, but just DON’T . Come on! the book could end there, you don’t need the sequels, do you? You know what the worst part is? now i’m not sure if i should try the second book or let it be done after the end of book one! I know it ay be a waste of time, but what if it gets insanely better?!

Argh! I don’t know!



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