Reading Classics

At the end of last year i checked up my read books list just to realize i haven’t read as many classic as one could expect at my age (according to my expectations, right?) … i mean, yeah, when i was little i used to read way more classics than i do now that i finally shaped myself and know which kind of books i enjoy actually enjoy reading.

Being this the case i decided this year i would read (at least) one classic every month… Why did i decide this? well, you see, when you tell people you like reading, for some reason all they expect you to read is classic. Honestly i do not understand the rational over that, but yes, when i tell people i read they usually expect me to say Dickens is my favorite author, which isn’t the truth, obviously.

Yeah, well… i do have some classic favorites, Wuthering Heights and Daddy Long Legs are all time favorites of mine, but none more than those.

So, i found myself wondering what am i missing? are those books so incredible as everyone want us to believe? should i be ashamed of myself for not reading more classics?

Well, when back in January i started reading (and enjoying) Pride and Prejudice i found myself with an answer. To be completely honest, it was an obvious answer but it wasn’t as simple as i imagined at first.

There’s a reason why people love the classics to this day. Classics, and i’m not speaking only of old books but books that speal too people even when the generations pass by, thhey are made from a different thing than regular books. It’s the way the manage to touch us in ways other books cannot.

But, even if you like one of the classics and one only, there’s no reason to feel ashame. Heck, even if you don’t like any of them there’s no reason to feel ashamed. Books cannot always speak to all the people.. Yeah, there are books that can speak to a wider range of people, but it’s alright if you are not one of them.

The beauty about readig and literature as a whole is the fact that each person can enjoy reading very different things, the important thing remains to actually  take time to enter the world the book is presenting you and loving what you are reading.

There’s no point on forcing yourself to read a book you find boring or annoying even if every single person in the world says it’s the best book they’ve ever read. The book may just not be for you… And i’m saying this after reading twice A Hundred Years of Solitude after not liking it the first time i read it and feeling like i should reread it, maybe i missed something important that would change my mind forever.

It didn’t.

So, yeah. We are very different people and we cannot always like everything or even the one same thing. There’s no shame on it. You are free to read what you like, the books that give you joy, the ones that make you feel alive.

Read because you enjoy it,  not because you have to.

‘Til Next Time 😉



One thought on “Reading Classics

  1. Great post- not all classics are right for us as individuals and there’s no shame in that! Everyone’s reading tastes are different and it doesn’t matter if they’re not the same- as long as you’re happy 🙂

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