Post of Shame

Last November i went a little overboard buying books, by the end of the month i managed to buy about 38 … to that moment it was a very low point in my life as a shopper, i always thought i was in control of myself, but apparently i wasn’t.

December was a buying ban month in which i managed to handle myself and stop the madness… but, as the month and year ended my ban was gone from my conscience and all the [minimal] control i had over the need of buying books and my bank account was gone too…

So, here we are now… by the end of January … and because of the huge amount of books i bought this month, i decided to try something different than the ban, … this time i’ll put myself to shame presenting you with the list of all the books i bought this month, next month i’ll do the same, in hope the idea of everyone know how many books and which books i bought will stop me from buying so much [may the odds be in my favor].


  1. This is where it ends .
  2. The homeroom diaries.
  3. Hold me closer.
  4. 1984.
  5. Macbeth.
  6. Star Wars  – The Trilogy.
  7. Star Wars The Force Awakens the novel. [also in audiobook]
  8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Before the Awakening
  9. We have always lived in the castle.
  10. The Amazing Book is Not On Fire.
  11. Escape to Wonderland [colouring for adults].
  12. A Collection of Jane Austen’s works.
  13. Writing Great Books for Young Adults.
  14. FanGirl special edition.
  15. Trial by fire.
  16. I will survive: tips and hints to help you survive this zombie infested world.
  17. Becoming Edward.
  18. The testing
  19. Independent study.
  20. Graduation day.
  21. Angelfall trilogy.
  22. Go and set a watchman.
  23. Love and other alien experience.
  24. The scorpion rules.
  25. Jackaby.
  26. Golden Son.
  27. Illuminae Files.
  28. Tape.
  29. Love letters to the death.
  30. The manifesto on how to be interesting.
  31. Columbine.
  32. A natural history of dragons.
  33. The tropic of serpents.
  34. Voyage of the Basilisk.
  35. The shattered empire.
  36. Magyk.
  37. The Colossus rises.
  38. Saving Lucas Biggs.
  39. Vicious.
  40. Alice in wonderland (illustrated).
  41. The girl of fire and thorns.
  42. The color of magic.

tumblr_ndnhyn2M4S1slqa7so1_250 I’m a mess.

Next month, i hope it will be better than this, i have to stop buying so many books, i should start reading the ones i already own instead of keep on buying more! someone send help!



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