First Thoughts; Shadowhunters

After waiting for what felt like eons, last Tuesday’s night the so anticipated Shadowhunters show finally premiered!


Now, i know a lot of people will be reviewing the stuff that happened or didn’t happened in the pilot, i already saw people complaining about changes that we knew were going to happen … ?

So, all i want to share is a little of my thoughts, it won’t be long, and it won’t be the deepest thing to ever be written…

So, i love The Mortal Insturments, the books are of my favorites and it has two of my OTPs; Malec and Sizzy …Also, Magnus Bane is like my favorite character of all time.


I’m of those that disliked the movie, mostly because of the actors (…), so when it was announced that there’ll be a show i didn’t want to get my hopes up much… not that it worked, i was in the hype with all the fans, every comment the new cast said and everything, and i started to love the cast a lot… To be honest, in my opinion the characters were nailed in this version.

I cannot believe i’ll say this, but i’m actually looking forward to more Jace, even though in the books i kind of dislike him, i love Dominic and he seems to be a pretty great Jace (yeah, that’s a little shallow i know, but hey… let me be).

Okay, but that’s not the important thing i wanted to say. I wanted to talk a little about the episode because wow, just WOW. I didn’t want to expect much of the show, most of the time if i love a show it gets cancelled quickly, but as i watched the show for the first time yesterday i saw the show has a lot of potential.

Yes, i know the first episode felt a little rushed, i mean, i understood what was going on because i read the books and know the basics, but i’m not sure everyone can, i don’t know how understandable it was for people who hasn’t read the books. I know this is something that tends to happen in pilots, so many things need to be shown so people will know what to expect to …

Anyway, it looked promising, and fun to watch.

So, i have no idea what’s the point of this post, i guess all i wanted to say it’s… it wasn’t what i thought it would be, but it was great, it really was and i really hope people will give it a chance, so we can get more Shadowhunters… i hope people will watch it and so we’ll get lots of Sizzy and Malec.

If you haven’t seen it, give it a chance! if you watched it, i hope you liked it! I surely did! 😀

Next Tuesday won’t come fast enough…

‘Til Next Time 😉


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