On Reading YA Books

A few weeks ago i was looking at the books i own, trying to decide what to read next. While reading the name of the books and the authors, i realised i own a good amount of Stephen King’s, Haruki Murakami’s and Neil Gaiman’s. This shouldn’t seem weird to me, since last year i discovered i enjoy their styles very much.

Anyway, when trying to decide which book to read i found myself unable to choose one of those books. I then tried to figure out what was bothering me so much, if i enjoy their books how come i don’t want to read any of them?

Finally i took a step aside and understand what kind of book i was looking for.

What I ended up understanding was something much deeper than I originally expected.

As much as i love fiction, and by this i mean, fiction for ‘normal grown ups’, there’s something  stopping me from reading these books, there’s something missing in them… in my opinion, obviously.

The thing is, when i read fiction i don’t see myself reflected on the characters, as a matter of fact, most of the time i don’t care about the characters at all…

So, when looking for what makes me click with a book i realised the thing i like the most is when i can get attached to the characters, really feel their feelings, their pain…

After understanding that i was looking to feeling/filling the part of a character of the book i knew why i couldn’t read any those writers books at the moment.

One of the most importangt things when reading is the catharsis at the end of it, which i don’t get when reading about something or someone i can’t relate to.

Yeah, somewhere i read that the farest from you the stor ythe most you use your imagination, but apparently i’m not there yet.

So, i decided to stick to the kind of books that i relate to, those i relate to a lot.

Luckly for us/for me, we live in a time when Young Adult literature is in full blossom, you can find so many great authors and books, it’s a blessing.

From coming of age, to historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, more diversity [even though it can still improve], there’s a huge amount of topics and issues being brought up by authors and for young(er) minds.

Obviously i do not believe that only teenagers and dsuch can read these books.. In my opinion YA books are one of the most readers friendly books out there. In YA there very little ‘strong’ content that teenagers shouldn’t be reading about, it can also bring back to the surface the younger spirit of the older readers.

So yeah, most of the time if i need to recommend a book, it’s more likely i’ll be recommending a YA book, even to older people, because if there’s something most people (?) have in common is that time when growing up, when we weren’t completely sure about ourselves, so we all can relate to those books.

There, now you know. In my opinion, YA literature is one of the most important and relevant literatures. These books can help young people to get through difficult times, show them they are not alone in this. Also, to older readers [with whom i include myself] it remind us of wonderful times, and even discover part of ourselves we didn’t think or understand before.

These days kids and young adults have a bigger support in many topics that once were sort of taboo, and as society starts to embrace these issues, so needs to do the literature.

And so, YA Books takes a place in the new literary style, one that started developing not so long ago and made it possible for other styles to develop too…

From now on, i’ll be talking a bit more about the things that i enjoy so much [or don’t like, there are some topics about it too] in YA lit, it’s going to be a long ride.

Hope you join me, ’til next time 😉





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